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About Eidhne Gallagher

Eidhne Gallagher is a Movie and TV Features Writer, living in Ireland. Having spent much of her life filling up countless notebooks with her writings, she decided it was time to share her work in all things in the entertainment industry. 

Author Details

Eidhne used her love for film and television to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Media and German Studies from Dublin City University and an M.A. in Journalism and Media Communications from Griffith College. She is now based in Dublin, where she mostly spends her time hiding in coffee houses, plotting her next story. 

Industry Focus

Eidhne's major interests are history, action, and drama films, but she enjoys covering movies and TV shows over all genres. She uses her research skills to create interesting lists about the best facts in the entertainment industry as well as writing information pieces about the ins-and-outs of movies and TV.  

Favorite Media

Eidhne's favorite shows include Friends, Heartstopper, Never Have I Ever, Bridgerton, and Derry Girls. When it comes to movies, she likes Harry Potter, Little Women, Bridget Jones, Disney, and old Hollywood classics like Jane Eyre, Scott of the Antarctic, and Citizen Kane. 

Latest Articles

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The Artful Dodger has appeared in multiple adaptations of the Dickens classic since the 1900s, with many different portrayals of the iconic character.

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What Happened To Boris Pash After Oppenheimer

Colonel Boris Pash played a small but key part in the 2023 film Oppenheimer and here's what happened to him after the events of the movie.

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Joey's 10 Best Reactions On Friends

Joey's dramatic reactions are often regarded as some of the most hilarious moments on Friends. These are a few of his most memorable.

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While some musical movies failed to impress critics, that doesn't mean that they can't still be enjoyable to watch.

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Schindler's List: What Happened To Every Figure After The War

Schindler's List is regarded as one of the greatest Holocaust films ever created. This is what happened to those depicted in the movie after the war.

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Avatar 3 Will Be A Major First For James Cameron’s Career After Terminator & Aliens

After the worldwide success of the first two Avatar movies, Avatar 3 will serve as another first in James Cameron's franchise directing career.

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10 Underrated Video Game Movies That Bombed At The Box Office

Movies based on video games have sometimes bombed financially at the box office, but still deserved the praise they got from critics and viewers.

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10 Best World War II Movies Not In The English Language

There are many great movies depicting the events of World War II, including some international productions that are not in the English language.

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Friends (1994)
Friends: 10 Best Moments With The Chick & The Duck

The Chick and the Duck were the beloved pets of Chandler and Joey on Friends, and they left a big impact on the show with their greatest scenes.

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Where Was Schindler's List Filmed? The Historical Drama's Filming Locations Explained

Schindler's List is regarded as one of the greatest Holocaust movies ever made. The historical movie was filmed in a few recognizable locations.

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10 Essential Mickey Mouse Shorts That Every True Disney Fan Needs To Watch At Least Once

Since he rose to prominence in 1928, Mickey Mouse has become a pop culture icon. These cartoons are considered some of his most important to watch.

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The Live-Action Little Mermaid Subtly References The Original Ending Too Dark for Disney

Through new music, the live-action Little Mermaid movie throws a subtle hint at the tragic ending of Hans Christian Andersen's original fairy tale.

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Gandalf is one of the strongest characters in Lord of the Rings but in the first movie, his skills were seen as weak compared to the cunning Saruman.

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Mortal Kombat 2's Johnny Cage Flips Annihilation's Opening Scene 26 Years After The Worst Mortal Kombat Movie

26 years after the worst movie in the Mortal Kombat franchise, Mortal Kombat 2 is poised to flip Johnny Cage's role in the 1997 disaster.

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Zac Efron’s upcoming wrestling movie has been endorsed by one of the real-life people it portrays, which is great news for the long-awaited biopic.

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10 Great Movies That Explore the Dark Side of Fame

The concept of fame can be exciting but there's also a negative aspect and some films dive deep into examining the dark side of fame.

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