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Created by
Gene Roddenberry
First Episode Air Date
September 8, 1966
William Shatner , Leonard Nimoy , George Takei , Nichelle Nichols , Deforest Kelley , James Doohan , Walter Koenig , Jonathan Frakes , Patrick Stewart , Michael Dorn , Marina Sirtis , Gates McFadden , Brent Spiner , LeVar Burton , Wil Wheaton , Avery Brooks , Nana Visitor , Rene Auberjonois , Alexander Siddig , Cirroc Lofton , Armin Shimerman , Colm Meaney , Terry Farrell , Kate Mulgrew , Robert Beltran , Roxann Dawson , Jeri Ryan , Robert Duncan McNeill , Robert Picardo , Ethan Phillips , Garrett Wang , Jolene Blalock , Connor Trinneer , Dominic Keating , Scott Bakula , Linda Park , John Billingsley , Anthony Montgomery , Chris Pine , Zachary Quinto , Simon Pegg , Zoe Saldana , Karl Urban , John Cho , Chris Hemsworth , Benedict Cumberbatch , Anton Yelchin , Idris Elba , Sonequa Martin-Green , Mary Wiseman , Doug Jones , Anthony Rapp , Wilson Cruz , Oyin Oladejo , Emily Coutts , Jess Bush , Christina Chong , Anson Mount , Ethan Peck , Rebecca Romijn , Michelle Yeoh


Star Trek Deep Space 9 Armin Shimerman as Quark 1
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)
"I Would Say Yes": DS9's Armin Shimerman Would Return To Star Trek As Quark

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Armin Shimerman loves playing Quark and would be happy to return in a new Star Trek show, although maybe not full-time.

Sarek Sick TNG 1
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
TNG “Was Absolutely Not Allowed To Use The Word Spock”, Says Star Trek Writer

One prolific Star Trek writer felt limited by the rules of early Star Trek: The Next Generation, when it came to referencing characters from TOS.

Star Trek TNG Jonathan Frakes Riker Borg Locutus 1
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
Jonathan Frakes Thinks The Borg Are “The Greatest” But Star Trek: TNG Producer Is Not A Big Fan

The Borg are the most popular villains in Star Trek: The Next Generation but Jonathan Frakes and producer Rick Berman don't see eye to eye about them.

Picard season 3 Data star trek nemesis 1
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
"Justice League Of Star Trek": Brent Spiner's Nemesis Sequel Plan

Brent Spiner and Star Trek: Nemesis screenwriter John Logan had an awesome idea for a fifth movie featuring the cast of Star Trek: TNG.

rodenberrysson_whatmajel_wouldhavethought 1
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
Majel Barrett Roddenberry Saw "No Future For Nurse Chapel" When Star Trek: TNG Began

Majel Barrett Roddenberry left Nurse Chapel behind when she joined Star Trek: TNG as Lwaxana Troi. Little did she know Chapel would return one day.

Kirk and Uhura in Strange New Worlds 1
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022)
Strange New Worlds' "Perfect" Kirk Kept Uhura From Hitting "Rock Bottom", Says Star Trek Actress

Celia Rose Gooding says Paul Wesley's Kirk is the "perfect springboard" for Uhura's growth in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 and beyond.

star trek's captain kirk with the franchise's ultimate weapon aka the heart of god 1
"The Most Powerful Weapons System Ever Devised": The Enterprise's Very First Discovery Turned Out to Be Star Trek's Ultimate Weapon

Star Trek canon brought the Enterprise's five-year mission to an end with the perfect discovery - a weapon known as the Heart of God.

Edited image of Boimler in Star Trek: Lower Decks holding the USS Cerritos Crew Handbook 1
Star Trek Lower Decks Interview: Chris Farnell On Constructing The Perfect Crew Handbook

Screen Rant interviews Chris Farnell about the challenges of perfectly mimicking Star Trek: Lower Decks' comedy into a crew handbook for fans.

Captain Janeway and Captain Batel from Star Trek: Voyager and Strange New Worlds respectively merged side-by-side. 1
Star Trek’s First Female Captain Isn’t Janeway Or Strange New Worlds’ Batel

There is a lot of confusion about who the first female Captain in Star Trek was, but despite misinformation, it wasn't Janeway or even Batel.

Rok Tahk, Gwyn, Dal R'El, and Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: Prodigy and Picard. 1
Star Trek: Prodigy (2021)
"Seven Seasons At Least": Star Trek: Prodigy Creators Hope To Emulate TNG & TOS Success

Star Trek: Prodigy creators Kevin and Dan Hageman have plans for the show to run seven seasons like TNG and even jump to films like TOS.

Star Trek Prodigy to Netflix 1
Star Trek Prodigy Interview: Kevin & Dan Hageman On The Show's Move To Netflix

Screen Rant interviews Star Trek: Prodigy creators and showrunners Kevin and Dan Hageman about seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and its hopeful future.

Chapel M'Benga Cloak War 1
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022)
Strange New Worlds Season 2's Darkest Episode Was "A Blessing" For Star Trek Actors

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 delved into the heart of the Klingon War's darkness, and Jess Bush and Babs Olusanmokun are grateful.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander Data aim phaser rifles off-screen in Star Trek: First Contact while the USS Voyager flies beside them. 1
2 Great Things About Star Trek: First Contact Happened Because Of Voyager

Star Trek: First Contact premiered while Voyager was airing, and the movie owes two great things about it to a season 2 episode of its sister show.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard 1
Star Trek: Picard (2020)
Star Trek's Jeri Ryan Felt "More Connected" To Seven of Nine in Picard Season 3 Than Voyager

Seven of Nine's story arc in Star Trek: Picard allowed Jeri Ryan to connect more with the character than she had on Star Trek: Voyager.

Spock in a space suit encountering V'Ger 1
"It's Called Guilt, Spock": Spock Quit Starfleet After TOS To Escape 1 Terrible Decision

When fans met Spock again in Star Trek: The Motion Picture he had left Starfleet, and now the reason why has been revealed.

Star Trek Section 31 Georgiou 1
Star Trek: Section 31
Section 31 Is "Very Special": Michelle Yeoh Is "Definitely" Prepping For Her Star Trek Movie

Academy Award-winner Michelle Yeoh gives a small but encouraging update as her Star Trek: Section 31 movie preps to begin filming in Toronto.

edited image of john billingsley and kristoffer polaha in the shift 1
The Shift Interview: John Billingsley On His New Sci-Fi Movie & Experience With Star Trek

Screen Rant interviews John Billingsley about his new sci-fi film The Shift and whether he thinks Dr. Phlox from Enterprise could return to Star Trek.

Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, holding an Emmy award 1
Star Trek's Only Awards Show Voted On By Fans Is Back In February 2024 - Voting Is Open Now!

Star Trek has its own awards show created and voted on by fans. The 2024 LLAPy Awards is coming in February, and voting is still open.

Edited image of Armin Shimerman and a FanFair Signatures art piece 1
Armin Shimerman Interview: FanFair Signatures & Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Legacy

Screen Rant interviews Armin Shimerman about working with FanFair Signatures, Quark's comeback, and his Star Trek: Deep Space Nine legacy.

Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation looks up off-screen while the USS Voyager flies through space in the background. 1
Star Trek: Voyager (1995)
Star Trek: TNG's Geordi On Star Trek: Voyager Almost Happened

Geordi La Forge almost appeared in Star Trek: Voyager season 2, but his character was eventually swapped for another noteworthy TNG character.

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