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One Piece's Luffy is sad in front of a beach. 1
One Piece's Creator Confirmed The Reason Why He Never Kills Characters

One Piece is a series that seems afraid to kill off characters, but the heartwarming reason why has been shared by author Eiichiro Oda.

Edge of Spiderverse #2 cover featuring Spooky Man 1
Edge of Spider-Verse Introduces New Take on Venom to Official Continuity

Edge of Spider-Verse weaves a web of excitement with its introduction of a new and potentially cooler version of Venom that might be deadlier, too.

Naofumi and Bjorn both started with shields 1
New Gaming Manhwa Mocks One of Isekai's Most Controversial Series

The manhwa Surviving The Game As A Barbarian is obviously poking fun at the Rising of the Shield Hero's focus on shields in the best possible way.

Teen Titans assemble with Nightwing, Raven, Beast Boy, Miss Martian, and others 1
1 Teen Titan's Vampire Transformation Makes Beast Boy's Powers Look Weak

Beast Boy faces an unexpected challenger within the Teen Titans as one member's vampire transformation rivals his renowned shape-shifting abilities.

cyclops and his son cable 1
Cyclops' Son Is Defined by 1 Heartbreaking Phrase (According to Marvel)

Cyclops and Cable have one of the most complex father-son relationships in comic history; according to writer Fabian Nicieza, this phrase defines it.

Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine and his Inquisitors.  1
Star Wars Reveals The Original Dark Prototype for Palpatine's Sith Inquisitors

Emperor Palpatine corrupted many Jedi and turned them into his Inquisitors, but another Star Wars villain did the exact same thing centuries before.

Homelander vs. Mark Invincible 1
"Invincible Would Definitely Have a Hard Time": Invincible's Co-Creator Was Surprisingly Fair About His Chance of Beating Homelander

Invincible writer Robert Kirkman weighs in on the debate of who would win in a fight between Mark Grayson and Homelander and has a surprising answer.

Featured Image: Venom swinging wildly through a cityscape 1
Venom Names the 1 Symbiote Who Can Match His Strength (Not Carnage)

In Red Goblin #10, the Venom symbiote declared the eponymous character to be the one symbiote that can match its strength, moreso even than Carnage.

Naruto Baryon Mode and Boruto 1
Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Hints At How Naruto Will Die

Naruto is in more danger than ever, with Boruto: Two Blue Vortex's latest chapter revealing that he is being targeted by the new main villain.

Superman Boy Thunder and Magog DC 1
Superman's Corrupted Sidekick Has Officially Become His Greatest Failure

Fate comes full circle as Superman’s former sidekick Boy Thunder becomes the dark hero Magog, a failure the Man of Tomorrow may never get over.

star trek's captain kirk with the franchise's ultimate weapon aka the heart of god 1
"The Most Powerful Weapons System Ever Devised": The Enterprise's Very First Discovery Turned Out to Be Star Trek's Ultimate Weapon

Star Trek canon brought the Enterprise's five-year mission to an end with the perfect discovery - a weapon known as the Heart of God.

Nightwing and Apex Ava DC 1
Nightwing's New Villain APEX AVA Is a Deadly New Take on a Titans Power Set

Nightwing’s newest enemy Apex Ava officially debuts in the DC Universe, and her powers may make her one of “Beast World’s” most dangerous villains.

Featured Image: Spider-Man and Mary Jane webslinging (left); Peter and Mary Jane getting married over NYC skyline (right) 1
"I'll Never Say Never": Marvel Offers Hope That Spider-Man's Most Hated Story Can Still Be Reversed

Long-time Spider-Man fans cling to any shred of hope they can get that Marvel will reverse the events of "One More Day," the controversial 2007 arc.

Ms. Marvel Mister Fantastic MCU 1
Ms. Marvel's Powers are Officially More Durable Than MCU's Mister Fantastic

Ms. Marvel's embiggen powers have similarities to Mister Fantastic, but there is one major difference that makes Kamala Khan more durable.

Dragon Ball Super could make GT canon. 1
Dragon Ball's Official Timeline Teases That GT Is Actually Canon

Shueisha created an official timeline for the Dragon Ball franchise, and it includes the events from Dragon Ball GT, making it canon.

Immortal Thor 4 cropped 1
"Who's Stronger?" Marvel Permanently Settles Thor's Power Level Versus Every Other Hero

A new Thor comic has the God of Thunder shut down any argument about powers levels once and for all as he addresses what really matters.

Hawkgirl flying on the variant cover fot Batman Santa Claus Silent Knight #3 1
"Where’s My Girls?!": Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl & Green Lantern Form the Ultimate Birds of Prey Roster

Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, and Green Lantern join forces in DC's latest crisis, forging a Birds of Prey lineup that's even better than the original team.

batman vs boba fett alex ross 1
Batman Battles Boba Fett in God-Tier Alex Ross Art

The DC and Star Wars universes collide as The Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman, battles the intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett in art by Alex Ross.

roger ebert captioned far side style comics in the new yorker 1
Move Over THE FAR SIDE - Roger Ebert's Comics Rival Gary Larson's Best

Known for his brutal movie reviews and uplifting journalism, Roger Ebert also co-created some hilarious comics that rival Gary Larson's The Far Side.

Black Frieza standing proudly with a similar image of Frieza in the back ground. 1
Dragon Ball Super 100 Teases Black Frieza's Shocking Real Power Level

Dragon Ball Super teases that the true power of Black Frieza may be even higher than what fans believe after his impressive debut.

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