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A three-image collage. On the left, Ranma Saotome's male and female forms strike martial arts poses in Ranma 1/2. In the middle, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, silhouetted against the sunset, reach for one another with a beam of light separating them in Your Name. On the right, a nervous Suzu Kanade has her arms around a smirking Matsuri Kazamaki's neck in Ayakashi Triangle. 1
10 Best Gender Bender Anime And Manga

Many series tell the story of a character who magically or supernaturally switches from one gender to another, making them explore their own identity.

Demon Slayer: All of the present-day Hashira. 1
Demon Slayer's 9 Hashira Ranked From Least to Most Likable

While Demon Slayer's Hashira are all incredibly powerful, not all of them are charismatic. These are all 9 Hashira ranked by likability!

Three panels show a girl with a mouse on her shoulder from Spiried Away, Inuyasha making a confused face while Kagome embraces him, and three girls looking up. 1
10 Best Retro Isekai Anime

Before isekai was a mainstay in the anime industry, there were multiple anime series and films that followed the same criteria seen today.

The cast of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 1
10 Best Fullmetal Alchemist Fights, Ranked

The absolute best fights in Fullmetal Alchemist are impressive for their scale, emotional depth, choreography, and impact on the story.

From left to right, Giselle from Bleach, Orochi from One Piece, Canute from Vinland Saga 1
10 Best Anime Villains of 2023

The 2023 anime villains were captivating and sinister, capturing the attention of many demographics through their uniqueness.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven 1
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Best JoJos, Ranked

Over the decades, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has featured many unique heroes in both the anime and manga, but who are the fan favorites?

Slam Dunk, One Piece, and Doraemon 1
10 Best-Selling Manga of All Time

The manga industry just keeps getting bigger as time goes by, but these series currently stand at the top in terms of sales.

Lina from Slayers making a peace sign and the main cast of Konosuba 1
10 Best Anime Every Dungeons & Dragons Fan Should Watch

Anime and Dungeons and Dragons are two very different things that go surprisingly well together. Here are 10 of the best D&D-like anime out there.

JJK's satoru-gojo-and-prison-realm 1
10 Best Gojo Quotes in Jujutsu Kaisen

Never at a loss for words, Jujutsu Kaisen's Gojo had an exceptional gift of gab. It wasn't all braggadocio, though, much was quite profound.

Best Sci Fi Anime Featured Image, featuring the characters of Nier Automata Ver1.1a, Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury, and Gridman Universe side by side 1
10 Best Science Fiction Anime of 2023

From continuations and reboots of iconic franchises to surprising new original titles, 2023 has been a surprisingly great year for sci-fi anime.

Best Martial Arts Manhwa Featured Image, featuring promotional pictures of The Breaker, Return of the Blossoming Blade, and God of High School side by side 1
10 Best Martial Arts Manhwa

From grounded stories to those defined by their supernatural twists, there are plenty of excellent martial arts manhwa titles for fans to enjoy.

A collage-style image featuring Senku from Dr. Stone and Soma from Food Wars. 1
10 Best Anime Chefs You Want Cooking Your Holiday Meals

Food is the spice of life for the holiday season, and who better to prepare a delectable feast than this set for anime chefs, cooks, and foodies?

Three Most Manipulative Anime Villains 1
12 Most Manipulative Anime Villains

The best anime villains manipulate, deceive, and control the heroes and everyone around them to get their way, as seen in Monster and Chainsaw Man.

Cranston on Royal Space Force 1
Bryan Cranston Wasn't Just an Anime Dub Actor, He Was a Great One, & His 5 Best Roles Prove It

Bryan Cranston may have made a name for himself as Hal Wilkerson and Walter White but got his start as Thax, Lei Fong, and Isamu Alva Dyson.

Naruto's Akatsuki villains including Pain, Orochimaru, and Kisame 1
Naruto: Every Member Of The Akatsuki, Ranked Weakest To Strongest

There are plenty of Ninjas in the elite Akatsuki organization, but only one can be the strongest.

Vinland Saga's Thorfinn, Bleach's Ichigo, and Attack on Titan's Levi 1
Thorfinn, Ichigo, & Levi: 2023's 10 Best Anime Heroes Who We Couldn't Stop Watching

2023 featured a number of expressive and unique heroes who stole the spotlight across a variety of anime genres and demographics.

A three-image collage. On the left, Howl leans in fondly over a smiling Sophie's shoulder in Howl's Moving Castle. In the middle, Kyo Sohma tenderly takes Tohru Honda's hand in Fruits Basket. On the right, Hana and Wolf Dad affectionately touching foreheads, with tears at Hana's closed eyes, in Wolf Children Ame and Yuki. 1
10 Best Supernatural Romance Anime

From vampires to shapeshifters to spirits, many anime heroes find themselves in supernatural romances with a fantastical creature.

Boruto using lightning and wind transformation 1
10 Best Boruto Fights, Ranked

Just like his father, Boruto and the Next-Gen have no issue getting into a scrap if warranted, but what were battles that set the series apart?

A three-image collage. On the left, San and Ashitaka look into the distance together in Princess Mononoke. In the middle, Chitoge Kirisaki and Raku Ichijou grapple furiously in Nisekoi. On the right, Taiga Aisaka delivers a swift uppercut to Ryuji Takasu's jaw in Toradora! 1
10 Best Enemies To Lovers Anime

Many of anime's best couples start out as bitter enemies before eventually becoming fiercely devoted lovers.

idol anime list featured image 1
10 Best Idol Anime Series

From grounded tales of friendship and drama, to supernatural ones with a comedic twist, the world of idol anime offers a surprising amount of variety.

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