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The DC Universe is one of the biggest comic book franchises and often competes with Marvel. DC Comics started as National Allied Publications, founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson in 1935. Since then, the franchise has exploded with thousands of comic books, movies, TV shows, and video games. 2013 marked the beginning of the most recent iteration of the superheroes, with Zack Snyder introducing Henry Cavill as Superman. After several movies with mixed reviews, DC underwent a soft reboot under the helm of James Gunn and Peter Safran.


Aquaman 2 Poster with Black Manta, Orm, and Seahorse 1
Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom: 21 Easter Eggs & DC Movie References

Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom is the final movie in the DC Extended Universe, featuring a collection of fun Easter eggs and movie references.

Composite of Aquaman Looking Surprised With Thor From MCU Phase 1 1
The DCEU Just Ended After 10 Years With The Wildest Reference To A 15-Year-Old MCU Movie

The final DCEU movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, ends with a surprising reference to one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first movies.

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Who Dies In Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the climactic film of the DC Extended Universe, meaning several characters die in the events of the movie.

Aquaman wearing the black suit between Orm from Aquaman 2's poster and Black Manta holding the Black Trident 1
Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom Ending Explained (In Detail)

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom ending brings the DCEU franchise to a close with Jason Momoa’s aquatic king of Atlantis facing Black Manta.

Superman flying in front of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in a DC Comic 1
James Gunn's Superman: Legacy Filming Start & Plot Synopsis Revealed

Just as the DCEU draws to a close, details on the filming date and a small synopsis for the DCU's debut movie, Superman: Legacy, has been revealed.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman Floating Underwater Looking Past The Camera In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 1
Aquaman 2's Rotten Tomatoes Score Debut Is Worse Than 2017's Justice League & Every Other 2023 DC Movie

The DCEU's final movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, has debuted to a Rotten Tomatoes score worse than Justice League and every DC movie this year.

Black Manta holding the Black Trident next to Jason Momoa grimacing in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 1
Everything We Know About Aquaman 3

The release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has led many to question whether a third film will be released to cap off the DC hero’s trilogy.

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Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom's First Reviews Are In

With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom finally hitting theaters this week, the first reviews are out for the final DCEU movie in the franchise.

Jason Momoa As Aquaman Clashing Tridents With Yahya Abdul-Mateen II As Black Manta In A Cave In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 1
Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom Review: The DCEU Ends Not With A Bang, But With A Whimper

Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom is as goofy and adventurous as the first movie, but tries too hard for a seriousness it can never achieve with Jason Momoa.

Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie à Deux and Joaquin Phoenix as Joker in 2019's Joker 1
2024’s Most Anticipated Movie Villain Proves The DCU Needs Elseworlds

The DC Universe starts in 2024, and the most anticipated movie villain for the years proves that the new Elseworlds label is necessary for the DCU.

David Corenswet and art for DC's Creature Commandos 1
Creature Commandos
The DCU’s First Project Gets A Release Window From James Gunn

With the new DC Universe starting next year, James Gunn has revealed when audiences can expect the DCU's first project to premiere in 2024.

Composite of Jason Momoa As Aquaman In Gold And Green Suit With Jason Momoa As Aquaman In All Black Costume In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 1
Does Aquaman 2 Have A Post-Credits Scene & How Many? (No Spoilers)

With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hitting theaters, we reveal whether the final DCEU movie has a post-credits scene and, if so, how many.

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Peacemaker (2022)
James Gunn DCU Update Confirms Where Peacemaker Season 2 Fits Into The New DC Franchise

Peacemaker will be back for season 2, switching from the DCEU to the DCU, and James Gunn has revealed its place in the universe's release pipeline.

Artwork for the DCU's Batman: Brave and the Bold next to Ben Affleck's Batman in his metal mech suit 1
The Most Exciting Batman Reboot Casting Rumor Comes To Life In Gritty DC Fan Poster

An incredibly exciting, fan-casted candidate for the DCU’s Batman has been imagined as Gotham’s Dark Knight in a fantastic piece of fan art.

Amanda Waller, Jaime Reyes, and Peacemaker in the DC Universe 1
All 33 DC Universe Characters Confirmed In Canon By James Gunn

Since the announcement of James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Universe in January 2023, many characters have been confirmed to join the new franchise.

Orm stands back to back with Arthur Curry in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 1
Why James Gunn Is Right About DC's 2024 Movie Release Schedule

James Gunn has been responding to questions about the DCU, and his response to one about DC's 2024 movie release schedule is on the money.

Lobo from the comics and Jason Momoa with the gold armor in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 1
Jason Momoa Addresses Lobo DCU Casting Rumors After Discouraging Aquaman Update: "It's The Perfect Role"

Following a stream of rumors, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's Jason Momoa has addressed if he is in talks to play Lobo in James Gunn's DC Universe.

Superman Legacy Can Finally Give The Man Of Steel His Own Batcave 1
Superman: Legacy Can Finally Give The Man Of Steel His Own Batcave

A particular location has endured in Superman comics as the Kryptonian's equivalent of a Batcave. Superman: Legacy can offer a new twist to it.

Arthur Curry and Orm in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom with a TV remote 1
When Will Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom Release On Streaming?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will premiere in December 2023 as the final project in the DCEU, and it likely won't take long to debut on streaming.

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DC Extended Universe
10 Best DC Animated TV Shows For Adults

From mature storylines to gruesome fights, some of the best DC animated shows work better for adults than they do for younger audiences.

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