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Edited image of Tony Shalhoub & Creator Andy Breckman during their Mr. Monk's Last Case interview 1
Mr. Monk's Last Case Interview: Tony Shalhoub & Creator Andy Breckman On Reviving Monk & Darker Tone

Mr. Monk's Last Case star Tony Shalhoub and creator Andy Breckman discuss the movie revival, its darker tone, and potential future movies.

Edited image of Showrunner Ashley Michel Hoban & Producer Patrick Macmanus during their Dr. Death Season 2 interview 1
Dr. Death Season 2 Interview: Showrunner Ashley Michel Hoban & Producer Patrick Macmanus On Real Storytelling

Dr. Death season 2 showrunner Ashley Michel Hoban and producer Patrick Macmanus talk the passing of the reins and real-life storytelling.

Image of Jon Cryer, Donald Faison & Abigail Spencer during their Extended Family interview 1
Extended Family Interview: Jon Cryer, Donald Faison & Abigail Spencer On An Alternative Approach To Divorce

Screen Rant interviewed Jon Cryer, Donald Faison, and Abigail Spencer about how Extended Family's mockumentary style elevates the comedy.

Edited image of Luke Kirby & Gustaf Hammarsten during their Dr. Death Season 2 interview 1
Dr. Death Season 2 Interview: Luke Kirby & Gustaf Hammarsten On Whistleblower Story & Developing Dynamic

Dr. Death season 2 stars Luke Kirby and Gustaf Hammarsten discuss their characters, whistleblower story, and developing a friendship dynamic.

Image of Paapa Essiedu during his Genie interview 1
Genie Interview: Paapa Essiedu On Working With Melissa McCarthy & Learning From His Role

Genie star Paapa Essiedu discusses the joy of working with Melissa McCarthy on their holiday movie and shares what he took away from his character.

Mena Massoud In The Sacrifice Game 1
The Sacrifice Game Interview: Mena Massoud On Trying His Hand At Horror & Looking Toward The Future

Actor Mena Massoud talks about entering the world of horror in The Sacrifice Game, looking back on Aladdin, and preparing for the future.

Edited image of Boimler in Star Trek: Lower Decks holding the USS Cerritos Crew Handbook 1
Star Trek Lower Decks Interview: Chris Farnell On Constructing The Perfect Crew Handbook

Screen Rant interviews Chris Farnell about the challenges of perfectly mimicking Star Trek: Lower Decks' comedy into a crew handbook for fans.

Image of Daniel J. Brown during his The Boys In The Boat Interview 1
The Boys In The Boat Interview: Daniel J. Brown On The Research Process For His Novel

The Boys in the Boat author discusses his excitement when George Clooney signed on, meeting the real Joe Rantz, and his in-depth research process.

Edited image of Dior Goodjohn, Olivea Morton, and Timothy Omundson at Percy Jackson red carpet 1
Tales From The Percy Jackson & The Olympians Red Carpet: Dior Goodjohn, Timothy Omundson & More

Screen Rant attended the world premiere of the new Disney+ series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and spoke with the show's stars and producers.

Image of Callum Turner & Hadley Robinson during their The Boys In The Boat interview 1
The Boys In The Boat Interview: Callum Turner & Hadley Robinson On Inspiration & Chemistry Building

The Boys in the Boat stars Callum Turner and Hadley Robinson discuss their inspirations, training regiment, and building chemistry with each other.

Star Trek Prodigy to Netflix 1
Star Trek Prodigy Interview: Kevin & Dan Hageman On The Show's Move To Netflix

Screen Rant interviews Star Trek: Prodigy creators and showrunners Kevin and Dan Hageman about seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and its hopeful future.

Image of Awkwafina & Keegan-Michael Key during their Migration interview 1
Migration Interview: Awkwafina & Keegan-Michael Key On Humanizing Their Bird Characters

Keegan-Michael Key and Awkwafina chat with Screen Rant about playing a parrot and a pigeon respectively in Illumination's latest film, Migration.

Edited image of Matthew Goode & Matthew Brown during their Freud’s Last Session interview 1
Freud’s Last Session Interview: Matthew Goode & Matthew Brown On Adaptation & Anthony Hopkins

Freud's Last Session star Matthew Goode and director Matthew Brown discuss working with Anthony Hopkins and adapting the stage play to the screen.

Image of Elizabeth Banks & Kumail Nanjiani during their Migration interview 1
Migration Interview: Elizabeth Banks & Kumail Nanjiani On Making An Animated Movie During A Pandemic

Migration stars Kumail Nanjiani and Elizabeth Banks talk about their latest family film and working in a world of talking cartoon birds.

Image of Djimon Hounsou & Staz Nair laughing during their Rebel Moon interview 1
Rebel Moon Interview: Djimon Hounsou & Staz Nair On Zack Snyder's Generosity As A Director

Rebel Moon stars Djimon Hounsou and Staz Nair discuss Zack Snyder training along with them and incorporating their culture into their characters.

image of brennan lee mulligan at a dimension 20 table 1
The Legendary Rick Perry And The Art Of Dimension 20 Interview: Rick Perry & Brendan Banks Talk Fantasy High: Junior Year

Rick Perry and Brendan Banks discuss peaking behind the curtain of Dimension 20, Fantasy High: Junior Year, and working with Brennan Lee Mulligan.

Image of Ray Fisher, E. Duffy & Cleopatra Coleman during Rebel Moon Interview 1
Rebel Moon Interview: Ray Fisher, E. Duffy & Cleopatra Coleman On Working With Zack Snyder

Rebel Moon stars Ray Fisher, E. Duffy, and Cleopatra Coleman discuss working with Zack Snyder, their characters and the rebellion, and stunt training.

edited image of john billingsley and kristoffer polaha in the shift 1
The Shift Interview: John Billingsley On His New Sci-Fi Movie & Experience With Star Trek

Screen Rant interviews John Billingsley about his new sci-fi film The Shift and whether he thinks Dr. Phlox from Enterprise could return to Star Trek.

Image of Michiel Huisman & Charlie Hunnam during their Rebel Moon Interview 1
Rebel Moon Interview: Michiel Huisman & Charlie Hunnam On Their Characters & Inspirations

Rebel Moon stars Michiel Huisman and Charlie Hunnam discuss their character inspirations, Zack Snyder's directing style, and the theme of redemption.

Edited image of Armin Shimerman and a FanFair Signatures art piece 1
Armin Shimerman Interview: FanFair Signatures & Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Legacy

Screen Rant interviews Armin Shimerman about working with FanFair Signatures, Quark's comeback, and his Star Trek: Deep Space Nine legacy.

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