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Violent Night, Klaus, and Jingle Jangle 1
17 Best Christmas Movies Of The Last Decade, Ranked

From Krampus to Klaus, these festive favorites were the best Christmas movies of the past decade.

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Die Hard, Violent Night, and Bad Santa 1
14 Best R-Rated Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

Sick of family-friendly Christmas movies? These ten are definitely holiday offerings for adult-only audiences.

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The family sitting on a bench laughing and talking in A Twist of Christmas. 1
A Twist Of Christmas Cast & Character Guide: Who Plays Who In The Lifetime Movie

The Lifetime original Christmas movie A Twist of Christmas is a cheerful and warm tale of love in the holiday season and here's who appears in it.

Iain Armitage as Sheldon and Raegan Revord as Missy in Young Sheldon with Santa hats surrounded by Christmas lights 1
Young Sheldon (2017)
Young Sheldon Season 7 Video Reveals First-Ever Christmas Episode For The Cooper Family

A brand new behind-the-scenes video from Young Sheldon season 7 reveals the Cooper home in Texas all decorated for the Christmas season.

Killer Santa Claus in movies montage 1
12 Scariest Killer Santa Clauses In Horror Movies, Ranked

The killer Santa trope is admittedly pretty cheesy, but these holiday horror flicks manage to make Kris Kringle seem pretty intimidating.

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Moe is dressed as a waiter, and Carter is dressed as Santa in Holiday in the Vineyards. 1
Netflix Has A New Christmas Movie On Global Top 10 Chart (But Is It Any Good?)

Netflix has a new Christmas movie on the Global Top 10 chart, and it appears to be slightly better than the streamer's other recent holiday fare.

Santa Claus in movies. 1
22 Best Santa Claus Movies

There are hundreds of movies made to celebrate the holiday season, but the best Santa Claus movies are good all year round.

Sol Rodriguez as Valentina Espinoza and Manuel Rafael Lozano as Larry in Holiday in the Vineyards. 1
Holiday In The Vineyards Cast & Character Guide

The 2023 Netflix Christmas rom-com movie Holiday in the Vineyards revolves around an unexpected romance at a wine vineyard – who is in the cast?

Jack Skellington, Love Actually Hugh Grant, The Polar Express 1
10 Ridiculous Arguments You Need To Stop Having About Christmas Movies

Christmas is a time to get together, enjoy good food, bad movies, and get into an argument with loved ones, but these movie arguments are getting old.

A Collage of Three Images from Hallmark Christmas movies, including one of Dolly Parton 1
25 Most Common Tropes in Hallmark Christmas Movies

Hallmark Christmas movies have become a popular holiday tradition and many of them highlight the most famous Hallmark movie tropes.

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Collage of Laura Linney as Sarah in Red Nose Day Actually and Love Actually. 1
What Laura Linney Thinks About Her Sad Love Actually Storyline

Laura Linney appears in Love Actually as Sarah in the ensemble cast, who has one of the more heartbreaking stories. What does the actress think of it?

A collage of three images of Will Ferrell as Buddy in Elf. 1
20 Best Elf Quotes

The best Elf quotes are so good that they can be used every day of the year but they're always especially fun to say around the holiday season.

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schittscreek_flashback_secret_musicalreunion 1
Schitt's Creek (2015)
Johnny's Flashback In Schitt’s Creek’s Christmas Episode Created A Secret Reunion For 51-Year-Old Musical

Johnny's flashback sequence in Schitt's Creek Christmas episode features a stealth reunion between Eugene Levy and another cast member.

Donna Reed as Mary and James Stewart as George in It's A Wonderful Life 1
How Old Donna Reed Was In It's A Wonderful Life (& Why It Was Her Most Difficult Role)

While she plays the character across a 17-year span, Donna Reed was fairly young when she portrayed Mary Hatch in It's a Wonderful Life.

Funny Christmas movies. 1
The 15 Funniest Christmas Movies

Christmas movies can be very hit or miss, but many great Christmas comedies have been made throughout the years. These are some of the funniest.

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A collage image of Kevin from Home Alone next to Alex from Home Alone 3 1
Why Macaulay Culkin Didn't Star In Home Alone 3

Home Alone 3 would have been a lot more successful if Macaulay Culkin had returned, but the then-teenaged actor passed on the pitch for the sequel.

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David Harbour in Violent Night, Dwayne Johnson, John Cena in Peacemaker, and Kurt Russell in The Christmas Chronicles 1
2 WWE Wrestlers Have Played Santa In Movies, But Only 1 Was A Disaster

Two pro wrestlers turned actors played Santa in two very different Christmas movies, but only one of the WWE alumni's festive efforts was a flop.

The Santa Clauses What Happened To ELFS 1
The Santa Clauses (2022)
The Santa Clauses Finally Answers What Happened To The E.L.F.S.

The Santa Clauses finally reveals what happened to the E.L.F.S., the elite elf team introduced in 1994's The Santa Clause that never returned.

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Kevin, his mom, and a Wet Bandit in Home Alone. 1
Home Alone: 9 Dark Fan Theories That Change Everything

There are many dark Home Alone theories that completely change the meaning of the movie and paint Kevin as everything from a serial killer to a ghost.

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Kevin McCallister screaming in Home Alone.  1
20 Best Home Alone Quotes (All Movies)

The Home Alone movies vary massively in quality, but at its best the franchise can produce some memorable quotes, both hilarious and heartfelt.

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