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Bruno Redondo Official DC Holiday Card featuring the Justice League and many other heroes 1
The Justice League Unite in Bruno Redondo's God-Tier Art for DC's Official Holiday Card

'Tis the season for superhero splendor as Bruno Redondo dons the cape of creativity and unites the Justice League for DC's official holiday card.

Hellboy new comics feature 1
Exclusive Cover Reveal for TWO New Hellboy Releases

Revisit some of Hellboy's best stories with two upcoming releases from Dark Horse Comics, and Screen Rant has an exclusive first look at the covers.

wolverine vs weapon viii claws 1
Wolverine vs Weapon VIII Proves Logan's Successor Had Objectively Better Claws

As Wolverine takes on Weapon VIII, the Weapon X program's biggest success lashes out with deadly claws, flamethrowers, and more.

Batman Dark Age Multiple Batmen Allred Featured 1
BATMAN: DARK AGE to Redefine the Dark Knight’s Role as a Cultural Icon

DC has revealed Batman: Dark Age, a spin-off of Superman: Space Age that digs into the beloved hero and examines how he’s been shaped by culture.

Image of Alex Ross' cover to Doctor Strange #13, featuring Strange, Hunter's Moon, Black Cat and Taskmaster. 1
Doctor Strange's New Secret Defenders Roster Revealed in God-Tier Alex Ross Art

In a first look at Alex Ross' cover to Doctor Strange #13, the Sorcerer Supreme has brought together a new incarnation of the Secret Defenders.

X-Men 97 at Marvel 1
X-Men Is Assembling Its Darkest Roster Ever, with an Army of Heroes & Villains

The X-Men have a habit of turning foe to friend, but their fight against Orchis has pushed them into their strangest recruiting drive ever.

Comic book art: Green Arrow in front of an explosion. 1
The Justice League Just Fired Green Arrow in the Darkest Way

Green Arrow is a staple member of the Justice League, but after a recent crisis, he's technically been fired from DC's once-biggest team.

Deathstalker #1 from Vault Comics 1
Exclusive: Deathstalker Coming from Guns N' Roses Guitarist Slash

Vault Comics partners with Shout! Studios and legendary guitarist, Slash, to deliver a comic continuing the story of cult fantasy hero, Deathstalker.

Superman in his Red Son costume with a red background in a DC comic. 1
Superman vs Red Son Cosplay Is the Ultimate Battle of the Kryptonians

In a spectacle that transcends the ordinary, a Superman cosplayer collides with his Red Son Superman counterpart, staging an epic battle.

Featured Image: Batman villain Two-Face, holding his iconic coin, with Batman in the background 1
Gotham's Nightmare-Fuel Reinvention Finally Gives Two-Face the Perfect Superpower

Batman has saved Gotham City countless times, but in the city's latest dire moment of need, it's not Batman who rises up, but Two-Face.

Green Arrow 1 Main Cover with Large Cast Including Green Arrow, Black Canary, Roy Harper, Connor Hawke, and More 1
"Let's Put The Rumors To Rest": Green Arrow Writer Joshua Williams Confirms Series Extension

Arrowheads rejoice as DC writer Joshua Williams drops a bombshell, confirming an extended run for the fan-favorite Green Arrow comic series.

Deadpool and Ellie Camacho both young and from 2099 1
Deadpool's New Era Gives His Mutant Daughter the Spotlight She Deserves

Deadpool's newest era will see his mutant daughter Ellie Camacho taking a central role, as her and Wade try to evade his new villain, Death Grip.

Sonic on the cover of Winter Jam 1
Sonic's Speed & Attitude Will Always Work Against Him, & His New Special Proves It

How the Winter Jam one-shot portrays Sonic the Hedgehog is unlike IDW's other 2023 seasonal-themed specials or even the main continuity.

Wallace West Kid Flash DC 1
"Flash Pulse": Flash’s Sidekick Debuts a Game-Changing New Move

Flash’s sidekick Kid Flash pioneers a new life-saving technique that could help the DC Universe’s heroes put an end to "Beast World's" madness.

Spider Gwen Ghost Spider Featured 1
Spider-Gwen is Finally Joining Marvel's Main 616 Universe For Good

The upcoming series Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider will see the heroic Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 become a permanent resident of Marvel's Earth-616.

DC's Black Superheroes Pose in the Shadows 1
"Is It a Team? A Network? A Beginning.": DC's Powerful New All-Black Super-Team Teases Milestone's Return to the DCU

DC Comics' new all-Black super-team, which debuted during Beast World, may signal the return of Milestone heroes like Static to DC's main continuity.

Steve Rogers before and after being turned into Captain America-1 1
"Bone Deformity, Partial Deafness, Diabetes": Captain America Explains Why He Was So Skinny Before the Super-Soldier Serum

Super-soldier serum turned Steve Rogers from a small, frail man into one of Marvel's best fighters, and now he's revealed how much work it had to do.

spider-man new green goblin 1
Spider-Man Lore Changes Forever as Marvel Spills the Secrets of the FIRST Goblin (Before Norman Osborn)

After 26 years, Spider-Man's Proto-Goblin finally returns, spilling the secrets behind Norman Osborn's fateful origin as the Green Goblin.

Star Wars' Mace Windu and Andor.  1
Mace Windu Returns to Star Wars with Andor-Style Prison Break

Mace Windu is about to return to Star Wars canon in an all-new storyline, one that - based on a preview - looks a lot like Andor's prison break arc.

Mark Ruffalo's Hulk screaming at villains 1
"No Hulk Fan Will Want to Miss This": Hulk vs Patchwork Jack Promises His Biggest "Horror-Driven" Fight Yet

In 2024, Marvel celebrates 50 years of its Giant-Size comics; Giant-Size Hulk will continue the recent horror-oriented take on the character.

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