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Wonder Woman and Doctor Psycho Featured DC 1
DC Is Finally Done Treating Wonder Woman's Scariest Villain as a Joke

Amanda Waller plots to take out Wonder Woman using her greatest foes and reaffirms just how dangerous the villain Doctor Psycho really is.

Shounen Manga Goku Ichigo Luffy 1
10 Best Shonen Manga Panels of All Time, Ranked

Shonen manga has a myriad of beautiful panels full of interesting compositions and thematic richness, here are ten of the genre's most iconic panels.

Apocalypse from Rise of Apocalypse & Dawn of X. 1
10 Ways Apocalypse Changed X-Men Lore Forever

Apocalypse is as influential as he is powerful, and his impact can be felt throughout the entirety of X-Men canon. Here are the 10 ways that's true!

Dragon Ball's Vegeta and Goku.  1
Goku Vs Vegeta: Who Won More Of Their Dragon Ball Battles?

Vegeta and Goku have had a total of five serious fights throughout every era of Dragon Ball, and out of those five fights, only one came out on top.

Marvel Comics' Blade against a blood splattered moon, with bats looming over him 1
Blade Finally Embraces His Vampire Side to Unlock His Full Powers

After training with Dracula in order to take down a villain known as the Adana, Blade realizes he must embrace the monster within himself.

Badass Santa Claus on the cover of Batman Santa Claus Silent Knight  #1 1
Santa Claus Officially Declares 1 Bat-Family Hero "Naughty" - & Sadly, He's Right

Christmas takes a turn in Batman's holiday special as Santa Claus delivers an unexpected verdict, officially branding one Bat-Family hero as NAUGHTY.

Reed Richards' Mister Fantastic in bright costume in Marvel Comics 1
"Time Travel Without a Time Machine": Reed Richards Just Became a Kang-Level Time Traveler (But He Won't Be Corrupted)

Mister Fantastic uses Metamind technology against itself, giving him a window into the future to keep one device from gaining too much control.

Bruno Redondo Official DC Holiday Card featuring the Justice League and many other heroes 1
The Justice League Unite in Bruno Redondo's God-Tier Art for DC's Official Holiday Card

'Tis the season for superhero splendor as Bruno Redondo dons the cape of creativity and unites the Justice League for DC's official holiday card.

One Piece's Luffy is sad in front of a beach. 1
One Piece's Creator Confirmed The Reason Why He Never Kills Characters

One Piece is a series that seems afraid to kill off characters, but the heartwarming reason why has been shared by author Eiichiro Oda.

Edge of Spiderverse #2 cover featuring Spooky Man 1
Edge of Spider-Verse Introduces New Take on Venom to Official Continuity

Edge of Spider-Verse weaves a web of excitement with its introduction of a new and potentially cooler version of Venom that might be deadlier, too.

Naofumi and Bjorn both started with shields 1
New Gaming Manhwa Mocks One of Isekai's Most Controversial Series

The manhwa Surviving The Game As A Barbarian is obviously poking fun at the Rising of the Shield Hero's focus on shields in the best possible way.

Teen Titans assemble with Nightwing, Raven, Beast Boy, Miss Martian, and others 1
1 Teen Titan's Vampire Transformation Makes Beast Boy's Powers Look Weak

Beast Boy faces an unexpected challenger within the Teen Titans as one member's vampire transformation rivals his renowned shape-shifting abilities.

Youngblood Image 1
Top 10 Superhero Debuts from Image Comics in the 1990s

Superheroes built the foundation of Image Comics in the 1990s, gifting the world numerous characters. Here are the top 10, ranked.

Hellboy new comics feature 1
Exclusive Cover Reveal for TWO New Hellboy Releases

Revisit some of Hellboy's best stories with two upcoming releases from Dark Horse Comics, and Screen Rant has an exclusive first look at the covers.

cyclops and his son cable 1
Cyclops' Son Is Defined by 1 Heartbreaking Phrase (According to Marvel)

Cyclops and Cable have one of the most complex father-son relationships in comic history; according to writer Fabian Nicieza, this phrase defines it.

Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine and his Inquisitors.  1
Star Wars Reveals The Original Dark Prototype for Palpatine's Sith Inquisitors

Emperor Palpatine corrupted many Jedi and turned them into his Inquisitors, but another Star Wars villain did the exact same thing centuries before.

Homelander vs. Mark Invincible 1
"Invincible Would Definitely Have a Hard Time": Invincible's Co-Creator Was Surprisingly Fair About His Chance of Beating Homelander

Invincible writer Robert Kirkman weighs in on the debate of who would win in a fight between Mark Grayson and Homelander and has a surprising answer.

wolverine vs weapon viii claws 1
Wolverine vs Weapon VIII Proves Logan's Successor Had Objectively Better Claws

As Wolverine takes on Weapon VIII, the Weapon X program's biggest success lashes out with deadly claws, flamethrowers, and more.

Featured Image: Venom swinging wildly through a cityscape 1
Venom Names the 1 Symbiote Who Can Match His Strength (Not Carnage)

In Red Goblin #10, the Venom symbiote declared the eponymous character to be the one symbiote that can match its strength, moreso even than Carnage.

Naruto Baryon Mode and Boruto 1
Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Hints At How Naruto Will Die

Naruto is in more danger than ever, with Boruto: Two Blue Vortex's latest chapter revealing that he is being targeted by the new main villain.

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