Dubai Bling (2022)

Dubai Bling is a Netflix reality tv series that focuses on the Dubai elite's expensive, high-speed, and posh lifestyle. Following eight people with different backgrounds, such as a DJ and an influencer, Dubai Bling will explore the daily lives of the cast as they shop for luxury cars and new fashion while travelling to some of Dubai's most exotic restaurants and hotspots. Competition between friends and their social status will elevate tensions and enflame old rivalries as their histories come to light.

Dubai Bling TV Show Poster
Dubai Bling

Loujain Adada , Zeina Khoury , Farhana Bodi , Kris Fade , Safa Siddiqui , Marwan "DJ Bliss" Al-Awadhi , Lojain Omran , Ebraheem Al Samadi
Release Date
October 27, 2022


zeina khoury dubai bling season 2 star wearing black and white versace jacket 1
Dubai Bling: Zeina Khoury's Age, Job, Instagram & More

Dubai Bling season 2's "Queen of Versace" Zeina Khoury's feuding with Ebraheem Al Samadi. Learn about the reality star's background now.

Montage Of Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast 1
Dubai Bling Season 2: News, Release Date, Cast, Trailer, & Everything We Know

Fans who loved Dubai Bling season 1 would be excited to know that season 2 is ready to stream on Netflix. The new season has eight episodes.

Dubai Bling’s Ebraheem Al Samadi 1
Dubai Bling: Who Are Ebraheem Al Samadi's Parents? (They Run The Al Samadi Group)

Dubai Bling's Ebraheem Al Samadi’s parents own a Dubai-based company that comprises multiple foreign businesses. However, who are they?

 Dubai Bling Star Loujain 'LJ' Adada  1
Why Dubai Bling Star Loujain 'LJ' Adada Seems Like A Gold Digger

While Loujain 'LJ' Adada's extravagant lifestyle on Dubai Bling is impressive, details of her former marriage definitely trigger some questions.

Loujain Adada From Dubai Bling 1
How The Dubai Bling Stars Spent 2022 Christmas Holidays

Dubai Bling was the guilty pleasure for reality TV fans this year. Let's take a look at how the cast members celebrated their Christmas in 2022.

The cast of Dubai Bling pose for a photo at party 1
Who Is Dubai Bling's Best-Dressed Cast Member

Dubai Bling is a Netflix reality series that features very stylish stars. Which well-heeled cast member is the most fashionable of them all?

Dubai Bling's cast members dressed up and celebrating 1
Why Dubai Bling Is A Guilty Pleasure For Reality TV Fans

Netflix's new series Dubai Bling has captivated reality TV fans. Viewers are binge-watching the whole season and calling it a "guilty pleasure."

Split image of Dubai Bling cast and Bling Empire cast 1
Why Dubai Bling Isn't As Good As Bling Empire

Since Netflix released Dubai Bling as a Bling Empire spin-off, the show has yet to live up to expectations among fans of the franchise.

The cast of Dubai Bling pose for a photo at party 1
Dubai Bling Cast Members' Most Outrageous Spending Explained

The cast of Netflix's Dubai Bling spent vast sums of money on trivial things for silly reasons, and most fans consider it excessive.

Dubai Bling's Loujain Adada 1
Dubai Bling: Loujain Adada's Career, Instagram & Love Life Explained

Dubai Bling's star Loujain Adada is the second richest cast member of the show. Here is everything to know about her career, Instagram, and love life.

Dubai Bling's Farhana Bodi side by side image 1
Dubai Bling: Farhana Bodi's Age, Job, Instagram & Marital Status Explained

Dubai Bling's Farhana Bodi is getting plenty of attention from fans. Many people who watch the show are curious about her life and background.

Dubai Bling cast posing for a photo in formal outfits 1
Most Dramatic Moments From Netflix's New Reality Show Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling has created a lot of buzz among fans. Viewers are enjoying the new Netflix reality hit, and the drama that it brings to their screens.

Dubai Bling cast posing for a photo in formal outfits 1
Who's The Real Dubai Bling Villain (It Might Not Be Who You Think)

Dubai Bling is a popular reality TV series that introduces viewers to a range of new cast members, including one very surprising villain.

Zeina Khoury on Dubai Bling 1
Dubai Bling: What We Know About Zeina Khoury's Modeling Career

Zeina Khoury's former modeling career was briefly mentioned on Dubai Bling. Here's what we know about Zeina's brief stint in the fashion industry.

The cast of Dubai Bling pose for a photo at party 1
Who's The Breakout Star Of Dubai Bling (It May Not Be Who You Think It Is)

Dubai Bling gave fans a taste of the mega-wealthy in the UAE and never-ending drama. The cast was all entertaining, but one is a breakout star.

Dubai Bling Cast 1
Why Dubai Bling Fans Think The Cast Are Exaggerating Their Lifestyles

Dubai Bling fans have enjoyed the show since its recent premiere, but despite the extravagance shown, the cast members' net worths don't add up.

Dubai Bling Season 1 cast at a birthday party 1
Meet The Dubai Bling Cast & Check Out Their Instagrams

Dubai Bling is now streaming on Netflix, and showcasing the ultra-rich lifestyles of Dubai socialites. The cast members are active on Instagram.