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Born and raised in Ireland, Ben has always had a love for storytelling in all forms of media. Ben moved to England and obtained a First Class Degree in English Literature and History while pursuing a career in entertainment journalism. Ben is also a comic book writer, and podcast host and has worked both as a writer and editor for Screen Rant, Collider and other media outlets across features, news, reviews and interview teams.

Industry Focus

Having originally joined the SR team in August 2022, Ben has written features for a wide variety of TV and Film with a special focus on Superhero content. Predominantly, Ben works on features content creating deep dive lists and analysis of pop culture media.

Favorite Media

Ben has been a die-hard fanboy of the MCU and loves a wide variety of superhero media. In between the MCU and DCEU releases, he enjoys watching Doctor Who, and any films, video games or books in the dystopian genre.

Latest Articles

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Channing Tatum's 10 Best Movies, Ranked

Channing Tatum is a dynamic actor who frequently appears in action, comedy and romance movies. These are some of his best films ranked.

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Suits (2011)
10 Best Suits Episodes, Ranked

Suits is a wonderful legal drama with strong character arcs, incredibly well-defined relationships, and a constant momentum that makes the show great.

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10 TV Spinoffs That Failed To Live Up To The Original Show

Spin-offs can expand on fan-favorite shows and reveal more of the life of characters from an original, but not every spin-off manages to succeed.

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10 TV Shows That Concluded With A Movie

When a show is canceled early or left with loose ends, one possible way that creators address the issues is by releasing a movie to wrap things up.

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10 Ridiculous Arguments You Need To Stop Having About Christmas Movies

Christmas is a time to get together, enjoy good food, bad movies, and get into an argument with loved ones, but these movie arguments are getting old.

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Horror Movies
10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2023

There has been a massive outpouring of horror TV shows in 2023 across streaming sites and network television, with some standing well above the rest.

Weird Barbie (Kate McKinnon), Mattel CEO (Will Ferrell), and Gloria (America Ferrera) in the Barbie movie 1
10 Barbie Characters Who Can Carry Their Own Spinoffs (Other Than Ken)

The Barbie movie is packed with an incredible cast, and many of the other characters could be perfect for starring in a spin-off movie of their own.

Walter White Played by Brian Cranston in Breaking Bad, early image, later image and picture of Giancarlo Esposito playing Gus Fring all as a collage in yellow and purple shades. 1
Breaking Bad (2008)
10 Best Breaking Bad Episodes, Ranked

Breaking Bad is easily one of the best shows of all time with every element coming together, but there are still some episodes that outshone the rest.

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10 Great TV Characters Who Deserved Much Better Endings Than They Got

Great characters make great TV, and when they eventually reach their ending, whether in the finale or sooner, they deserve an appropriate send-off.

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Every Movie Sequel Releasing In 2024

2024 will see dozens of sequels released expanding their respective franchises and delighting fans, with some continuing stories from 30 years prior.

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15 Best Horror Movies Of 2023

The horror genre has been bigger than ever in recent years, and 2023 was no different. Here are the top 10 horror movies throughout 2023.

Jake Sully in Avatar: The Way of Water, Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick and Terminator robot in Terminator sequel 1
10 Things New Sequel Movies Need To Succeed

Movies have to do a lot to please their audiences, but sequels have even more pressure to appease fans of the original and build on earlier success.

grounded-franchises-became-more-exaggerated-unrealistic 1
10 “Grounded” Movie Franchises That Became More Ridiculous As They Went On

As movie franchises continue to grow their property, they often feature increasingly outrageous storylines that look very different from the original.

Kiefer Sutherland from Mirrors, Brad Pitt in Se7en, LaKeith Stanfield in Get Out 1
11 Horror Movie Characters Whose Fates Are Worse Than Death

Horror is a genre that is often praised for its innovative deaths and intrigue, but some of the best horror comes from the characters who survive.

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Ted Lasso (2020)
10 Most Surprising Moments In Ted Lasso's 3 Seasons

Ted Lasso is a show that takes its audience on an emotional rollercoaster, with incredible characters, moving stories, and a number of surprises.

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Every TV Show Canceled In 2023

2023 has been a totally crazy year for TV and films with strikes and cancelations galore, this is every canceled TV show from the hectic year.

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10 Actors Who Would Unexpectedly Be Great In Rom-Coms

Rom-coms don't get enough love, despite being a wonderful, grounded stage for actors to prove their talents in portraying emotion, and humor.

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The Vampire Diaries
10 Most Heroic Things Damon Ever Did In The Vampire Diaries

Damon has been a ghoulish vampire for a very long time, but throughout The Vampire Diaries, he is able to become a hero and let go of his wicked past.

NBCCommunity season 1 Christmas episode 1
Community (2009)
Every Community Christmas Episode

Community has released some incredible Christmas specials throughout the run of the show. This is every Christmas special from Community.

best_villain_intros_on_tv_shows 1
10 Best Villain Introductions In TV Shows, Ranked

A great villain can capture and engage the audience from the first second they come on screen, for these villains, there is no doubt that they do.

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