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Dashiel Reaves is a writer for ScreenRant, growing up he was always around comics due to his parents' involvement with Batman The Animated Series and various other comic book properties! He absolutely adores comics and always has for as long as he could read. He wants to try and share his love and passion for them with others.

Industry Focus

Since he grew up around his parents working on Batman the Animated Series, Dashiel has always loved Batman and the DC Universe. It's where his primary center of comic book knowledge is and it's what he enjoys talking about the most. Most of his articles are going to be about the DC Trinity because of this.

Favorite Media

While Dashiel's absolute favorite comic media is Hellblazer, he's also a huge fan of Batman and Superman. The dark city of Gotham and the bright buildings of Metropolis are something that is endlessly fascinating to him. Hopefully, this fascination comes off in his writing and is able to captivate readers just as much as it's captivated him.

Latest Articles

Superman and the Justice League DC Comics 1
"Someone Whose Heroic Appeal Always Escaped Me": Even Superman Admits He's Never Respected 1 Justice League Hero

Superman is one DC's most polite characters, but there's one certain Justice League member that even Superman doesn't see the appeal of.

Featured Image: Venom swinging wildly through a cityscape 1
Venom Names the 1 Symbiote Who Can Match His Strength (Not Carnage)

In Red Goblin #10, the Venom symbiote declared the eponymous character to be the one symbiote that can match its strength, moreso even than Carnage.

Comic book art: Green Arrow in front of an explosion. 1
The Justice League Just Fired Green Arrow in the Darkest Way

Green Arrow is a staple member of the Justice League, but after a recent crisis, he's technically been fired from DC's once-biggest team.

Featured Image: Batman villain Two-Face, holding his iconic coin, with Batman in the background 1
Gotham's Nightmare-Fuel Reinvention Finally Gives Two-Face the Perfect Superpower

Batman has saved Gotham City countless times, but in the city's latest dire moment of need, it's not Batman who rises up, but Two-Face.

batman scars 1
10 Fights That Permanently Changed Batman's Body

Batman has been fighting criminals for decades, and in that time he's taken some pretty nasty hits that have left permanent scars on his body.

carnage power from iron man becomes a glowing god 1
Carnage Became the Ultimate Symbiote by Using Tony Stark's Company as a Host

Carnage is one of Marvel's most dangerous symbiotes, and Cletus Kasady took this to the next level by using Tony Stark's company as a host.

Superman outmuscling Krytonite.  1
Forget Kryptonite - Superman Designed the Ultimate Failsafe Against His Own Powers

One of the great questions in the DC Universe is how to take down Superman. But it turns out that Superman himself has the best answer.

Green Lantern Nightwing Replacement DC Comics 1
Nightwing Just Became Worthy of His Own Green Lantern Ring

Nightwing has been through a lot of scary moments in his life, but the fear he just overcame proves that he's ready to be a Green Lantern.

batman and his combat training robot 1
Batman Reveals the 1 Gadget as Essential as the Batmobile - That Fans Have Never Seen Before

As DC reveals one of Batman's defining adventures, the Dark Knight showcases a gadget that shaped him more definitively than the Batmobile.

Superman and Bizarro butt heads. 1
"The Most Powerful Bizarro of All": Superman's Next Big Threat Has a Surprising Connection to Batman

Superman has faced countless enemies, but his newest threat, as teased for an upcoming issue, isn't some powerful alien — it's his own mind.

Superman Doomsday DC 5 1
Superman's New Injury Proves His Latest Villain Really Is Doomsday's Equal

Superman is one of the strongest characters in comics, and his greatest defeat came from Doomsday, but now one villain has beaten Superman again.

Nightwing Alfred Batman 1
Nightwing Reveals the 1 Essential Crime-Fighting Skill Batman Couldn't Teach Him

Nightwing has learned a lot from Batman over the years and it's made him an extremely competent hero, but he learned one major skill from Alfred.

Flash Villain Godspeed Debuts Nightmare-Fuel New Transformation

The Flash is used to fighting terrifying villains such as telepathic gorillas and speedster serial killers, but one villain just got a major upgrade.

Batman Superman Justice league 1
Batman & Superman Are Proving They're the Strongest Justice League Members - By Fighting the Entire Team

Batman and Superman are two of the most popular characters in comic books, and now they're going to prove they're the strongest characters too.

carnage's most terrifying host is a little girl 1
Carnage's Most Terrifying Host Came from His Attempt to Save a Little Girl

Saving kids is a major part of being a superhero, and when Carnage tried his hand at this time-honored tradition, it turned into a horrifying mess.

Comic book art: the Joker laughing chaotically. 1
"You Get the Joke!": Joker Is Only Evil Because a Marvel Villain Corrupted Him

The Joker was finally cured of his insanity, meaning he was ready to lead a normal life — until one Marvel villain decided to corrupt him for good.

Featured Image: close up of Green Goblin, icon Spider-Man villain 1
Marvel's Most Powerful Healing Factor Has a Truly Terrifying Side Effect

One of the most appealing abilities in comic books is that of the healing factor. However, one Spider-Man villain showed the terrifying downside.

dc bat-family huntress becomes a panther person 1
Huntress Becomes Gotham's Deadliest Woman Alive in Twisted Bat-Family Transformation

Huntress may be an underrated Bat-Family member, but after one terrifying Beast World transformation, she's the deadliest woman in Gotham.

Comic book art: the Joker smiling while Batman holds a dead Robin. 1
Joker Only Killed Robin to Stop Another Villain Doing It First

One of the Joker's worst crimes is killing Jason Todd — and it turns out he only did it so another villain wouldn't beat him to the punch.

Featured Image: Batman (left) and Spider-Man (right) swinging into action together, against the backdrop of a full moon and purple sky 1
"Let's Not Be the Friendly Neighborhood Batman": Batman's Crime-Fighting Methods Make Him Spider-Man's Perfect Opposite

One of the biggest things that separates Batman from other heroes is his aversion to the spotlight, which makes him the direct opposite of Spider-Man.

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