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Miles Morales in Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse and the MCU Sinister Six 1
Marvel is Laying the Seeds for Miles Morales to Get His Own Sinister Six

Miles Morales might finally get his own version of the Sinister Six as the young Spider-Man proves he's too tough for just one villain to take down.

Left: Peter Parker watches from the night. Right: Miles Morales triumphantly swings through the day. 1
"Spider-Samurai": Miles Morales Is Carving His Own Identity Away from Peter Parker

Now that Miles Morales finally has a handle on who he is, the young hero is getting ready to show that he's more than just another Spider-Man.

Miles Morales and Peter Parker Spider-Man 1
"He Hasn't Been There For Me": Miles Morales Drops an Insulting Bombshell That Would Break Spider-Man's Heart

Miles Morales states that Peter Parker hasn't truly been there for him in recent issues, but that doesn't mean the Spider-Men's friendship will end.

miles morales hates spider-man 1
"You've Made Being Your Friend Really Difficult": As Spider-Man's Gang War Begins, His Allies Have Never Hated Him More

As Spider-Man's epic Gang War event begins and he needs allies more than ever, even Miles Morales has lost faith in his former mentor.

Featured Image: Spectacular Spider-Men #1 cropped cover 1
SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MEN: Peter Parker & Miles Morales Unite for Their First Ongoing Comic

Marvel Comics has officially revealed that Peter Parker and Miles Morales will team up in a new ongoing series, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MEN.

Three different Miles Morales suits from the game Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in front of red and blue splash background 1
Every Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Suit For Miles & Where It’s From

Including pre-order content and the Digital Deluxe Edition, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 features 39 different suits for Miles Morales to wear.

Blade and Miles Morales new vampire slayer Spider-Man costume 1
Miles Morales' New Costume Is Packed with Anti-Vampire Weaponry

Thanks to his new team-up with Blade, Miles Morales' new outfit allows him to be the ultimate vampire slayer AND the Ultimate Spider-Man!

Miles Morales Spider-Man and Blade attacking vampires 1
Miles Morales Officially Debuts New Spider-Man Costume (To Match His New MCU-Style Superhero Mentor)

Holy water webs, magic-infused Venom-Saber, and a cool cloak of his own - Miles Morales gets a sweet outfit upgrade to fight a new type of threat.

miles morales spider-man sword 1
Miles Morales Just Gave His New 'Lightsaber' Power the Perfect Name

Miles Morales' version of Spider-Man has recently acquired a sweet new lightsaber-like power, with Miles finally getting around to giving it a name!

Miles Morales Funko excl 1
Funko Reveals Miles Morales Pop! Train Figure For Disney100 [EXCLUSIVE]

Exclusive: Get a first look at this Pop! Miles on Subway Cart figure, which features the iconic young Spider-Man getting ready to leap into action.

Miles Morales Spider-Sense 1
Miles Morales' Broken Spider-Sense is a Powerful Message About Mental Heath

Miles Morales' Spider-Sense is alerting him to danger that isn't there. This puts him in peril, but it also leads to him getting the help he needs.

Miles Morales' Spider-Man looking over the shoulder of Ultimate Comics' The Maker 1
Miles Morales Has A Shocking Connection To Marvel's Next Big Villain

Miles Morales originally hailed from a different universe than Earth-616, with his past life connecting him to Marvel's next big threat, The Maker.

Miles Morales Iron Spider suit with Iron Man and Spider-Man in the background 1
Miles Morales' Iron Spider Suit is More Powerful Than Peter Parker's

Miles Morales has his own Iron Spider now, but rather than copy/paste the original Spider-Man's, this suit has a specific usage that makes it better.

Iron Man flying next to a crouched Miles Morales 1
Iron Man's Nickname for Miles Morales Is an Incredibly Unfair Insult

Miles has been Spider-Man for over a decade now, but thanks to a nickname given to him by Iron Man, he's still considered by some to be a new hero.

Miles Morales Iron Spider Banner 1
Miles Morales Gets Official Iron Spider Suit to Fight Carnage

Miles Morales is at the center of Carnage Reigns’ story, and defeating Cletus Kasady may just require him to suit up as the new Iron Spider.

miles morales in spider-man into the spider-verse and young avengers 1
The Perfect Live-Action Miles Morales Casting Exists, According To Stranger Things' Writers

Stranger Things' writers claim to know the perfect actor for a live-action Miles Morales, the hero who leads Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

miles morales spider-man sword 1
Miles Morales Unlocks New Spider-Man Powers with Energy Sword Upgrade

Marvel has announced Miles Morales will gain shocking new powers as Spider-Man following the reveal he can manifest a powerful energy sword.

Miles Morales Spider-Man Hellfire Gala Variant Cover Featured Image 1
Miles Morales' New Costume Is His Most Iconic Alternate Look

A gorgeous new Hellfire Gala variant cover by artist Bernard Chang for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8 gives Miles his coolest look since his debut.

Miles Morales Carnage Reigns 1
Miles Morales vs Carnage Promises His Most Brutal Fight EVER

Miles Morales will face off against Carnage this summer, and it promises to be the most brutal fight of the younger Spider-Man's life.

Marvels Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales Peter Parker Venom Symbiote 1
Miles Morales Hilariously Shows Why He's a Better Spider-Man Than Peter

Spider-Man Miles Morales accidentally makes a bunch of villains chase after him and he beats them all. Meanwhile, Peter gets kidnapped by a sidekick.

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