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About Joe Anthony Myrick

Joe Anthony Myrick (or JAM) is a comics writer who specializes in, of course, covering the big figureheads of the industry (Marvel and DC), as well as lesser-known indy parties and some personal favorites like BOOM! Studios. 

Industry Focus

JAM is a member of the comics team.

Favorite Media

JAM covers all facets and quirks of the comic industry, but especially is a fan of BOOM! Studios' Buffy and Power Rangers series. Also, he indulges in the horror genre, currently reading The Neighbors. 

Latest Articles

Miles Morales in Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse and the MCU Sinister Six 1
Marvel is Laying the Seeds for Miles Morales to Get His Own Sinister Six

Miles Morales might finally get his own version of the Sinister Six as the young Spider-Man proves he's too tough for just one villain to take down.

Marvel Comics' Blade against a blood splattered moon, with bats looming over him 1
Blade Finally Embraces His Vampire Side to Unlock His Full Powers

After training with Dracula in order to take down a villain known as the Adana, Blade realizes he must embrace the monster within himself.

Hellboy new comics feature 1
Exclusive Cover Reveal for TWO New Hellboy Releases

Revisit some of Hellboy's best stories with two upcoming releases from Dark Horse Comics, and Screen Rant has an exclusive first look at the covers.

Ms. Marvel Mister Fantastic MCU 1
Ms. Marvel's Powers are Officially More Durable Than MCU's Mister Fantastic

Ms. Marvel's embiggen powers have similarities to Mister Fantastic, but there is one major difference that makes Kamala Khan more durable.

Spider Gwen Ghost Spider Featured 1
Spider-Gwen is Finally Joining Marvel's Main 616 Universe For Good

The upcoming series Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider will see the heroic Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 become a permanent resident of Marvel's Earth-616.

DC's Black Superheroes Pose in the Shadows 1
"Is It a Team? A Network? A Beginning.": DC's Powerful New All-Black Super-Team Teases Milestone's Return to the DCU

DC Comics' new all-Black super-team, which debuted during Beast World, may signal the return of Milestone heroes like Static to DC's main continuity.

Power Rangers feature Ranger Academy #4 1
Ranger Academy Preview Reveals the Test Every Ranger Must Pass

Sage and her fellow Ranger Academy cadets must face some tough trials in their latest lessons on the step to becoming full Power Rangers.

luke cage gang war 1
Luke Cage Officially Has the Worst Secret Identity

As a Gang War rages on in the streets of New York City, Mayor Luke Cage returns to his heroic roots with a disguise that shouldn't fool anyone.

Storm, Thor and Foundation in Marvel x Fortnite comic cover 1
"I'll Need to Make a Heroic Entrance": Thor Gave Storm a Key Tool in Her War on Mars

Storm makes a grand entrance when returning to the war on Arakko, which would never have been possible without a previous adventure with Thor.

Featured Image: Comic book Spider-Man lifting mask and crying (let); Toby MaGuire film Spidey crying (right) 1
Spider-Man Has Never Led His Own Super-Team for One Big Reason

Spider-Man has been a trusted member of many Marvel superteams, but the "Gang War" crossover event is showing that he lacks leadership qualities.

Wolverine To Lead His Own 'Across The Spider-Verse' Team of Variants

X-Men mainstay Wolverine is the latest Marvel character to get his own Across the Spider-Verse as he teams up with multiversal variants of himself.

The Guardians of the Galaxy photo at the end of Vol. 3 1
One Guardians of the Galaxy Member's New Powers Are a Multiversal Upgrade

Mantis has been dealing with a lot since losing her son, but the Guardians of the Galaxy member just got a new power upgrade thanks to the multiverse.

Featured Image: X-Men's Magneto and the island of Krakoa. 1
Magneto Has a Genius Solution for Dealing with Supervillains

Magneto's suggestion for Charles Xavier deal with mental trolling from Doctor Doom sounds familiar to anyone who has spent time on the internet.

Featured Image: Spider-Men Peter Parker and Miles Morales grappling with one another 1
After 61 Years, It's Time for Marvel to Kill Spider-Man's Most Toxic Trait

Spider-Man has had this same problem for 61 years, but this time, he can't blame Peter Parker.

mahershala ali as eric brooks aka blade in the mcu 1
"You Have the Bloodline of Eternity in Your Veins": Blade Gets a Dark Power Upgrade Ahead of His MCU Movie

In anticipation for his MCU debut, Marvel continues to update Blade for the modern era as he receives a new power from an unexpected mentor: Dracula!

Featured Image: Peter Parker (left) and Miles Morales (right) 1
Marvel Heroes Prefer Miles Morales' Spider-Man to Peter Parker's

Two people are Spider-Man in the state of New York, but only one has the New York stamp of approval.

Featured Image: Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen film adaptation (left); MCU Captain America (right) 1
Captain America Confirms Why He's the Doctor Manhattan of the Marvel Universe

Marvel's Captain America #3 draws a surprising parallel between the time displaced title character Doctor Manhattan from Alan Moore's Watchmen.

Featured Image: Doctor Doom (in color; foreground); X-Men's enemies Orchis (black & white, background) 1
Even X-Men's Worst Enemies Fear Doctor Doom

The X-Men's most treacherous foes, the anti-mutant organization Orchis, want no part of Doctor Doom. Crucially, this keeps Latveria's mutant's safe.

Ms Marvel Comics MCU 1
Marvel Won't Replace Kamala Khan's Comic Powers with Her MCU Ones - For Now

Ms. Marvel fans can rest assured that Marvel won't retcon who Kamala Khan is in favor of hewing closer to her MCU counterpart - for now at least.

captain marvel and new sidekick Yuna 1
Captain Marvel Gets the Best Sidekick She Could Ask For (Even if She Makes Her Weaker)

Ever since they started teaming up together, Yuna Yang has simultaneously made Captain Marvel stronger (internally) and weaker (externally).

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