A collage featuring Jeong Eui-chan & Seo Ji-hye from Special Laws of Romance and  Jeong Eui-chan & Seo Ji-hye from Business Proposal  1
10 Best Love At First Sight Scenes In K-Dramas

K-dramas love to use tropes and cliches to tell a love story, and love at first sight is a common one that has led to some incredibly sweet scenes.

Krystal Jung as Lee Shin-ah and Kim Jae-wook as Noh Go-jin in Crazy Love 1
12 Best Enemies-To-Lovers K-Dramas

A number of great K-dramas employ a romantic theme that calls for the two lead characters to go from hating each other to falling in love.

Side by side images feature the romantic pairings from each of the steam Korean dramas Her Private Life, Nevertheless, and Love and Leashes 1
15 Steamy K-Dramas You Should Watch Today

K-dramas like Love & Leashes are full of passion and romance, but what are some other similarly hot and steamy K-drama series?

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Park Gyu-young as Seo Ah-ri in Celebrity 1
10 Most Addicting K-Dramas That Released In 2023

2023 saw the release of a lot of great K-dramas that made a mark, with the most addicting ranging from romances to action-packed thrillers.

Yoo In-soo (Na Jeok-bong), Yeom Hye-ran (Chu Mae-ok), Kim Se-jeong (Do Ha-na), Jo Byeong-ku (So Mun), and Yoo Jun-sung (Ga Mo-tak) in The Uncanny Counter 1
10 Best Platonic Relationships In K-Dramas

Korean dramas are full of wonderful platonic relationships that are just as sweet as a romance. These friendships can often be the crux of the drama.

Side by side images feature characters from the K-dramas Empress Ki, I'm Sorry I Love You, and a Korean Odyssey 1
15 K-Dramas That Didn’t Have A Happily Ever After

K-Dramas often leave viewers feeling bittersweet by the end of a series. Here are times when they did not have a happy ending.

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Jung Han-seok in Vincenzo, Kim Myeong-gil in Bloodhound, and Choi Mu-jin in My Name 1
10 Most Chilling & Menacing Villains in K-Drama Thrillers

There are several great K-drama thrillers, many of which are defined by amazing villains that steal the show every time they’re on screen.

LGBTQ+ K-Dramas 1
15 Great K-Dramas With LGBTQ+ Representation

While K-dramas have a ways to go in terms of catching up with LGBTQ+ representation on screen, some shows are making great headway, to fans' delight.

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Strong Girl Bong-Soon: 12 Reasons Why The K-Drama Is So Memorable

K-drama series Strong Girl Bong-Soon is getting all the hype, but what are the 12 reasons why it is possibly the best in its class?

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Cha Eunwoo & Park Gyuyoung on bench in A Good Day To Be A Dog 1
Rakuten Viki Partners With Webtoon, Duolingo, And More For International K-Drama Day

Rakuten Viki is hosting the first-ever International K-Drama Day, featuring discounts and giveaways from Duolingo, Roku, Webtoon, and more.

Side by side images feature characters from the K-Dramas Forecasting Love And Weather, Squid Game, and Kingdom 1
The Best K-Dramas Of All Time, Ranked

K-Dramas have been enjoying a lot of success and fan adoration as of late, and these are the best K-dramas of all time.

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K-dramas based on webtoons. 1
The Best K-Dramas Based On Webtoons, Ranked

These top K-dramas ranked were once all popular webtoons and either got their start on the site or other sites and platforms.

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Bok-joo & Joon-hyung in episode 12 of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo 1
10 K-Drama Endings That Completely Stuck The Landing

K-dramas are growing in popularity and many nailed their endings. Whether the endings are happy or satisfying, it's easy to see why they're good.

15 Best Korean Reality & Variety Shows That Are A Must-Watch 1
15 Best Korean Reality TV Shows & Variety Shows

Need a break from the addictive yet heavy stories on K-dramas? Why not check out some of the best Korean reality TV shows and variety shows?

A man leans over a woman in the Korean time travel drama Moon Lovers 1
10 K-Dramas That Ended Way Too Soon

K-dramas are becoming an increasingly popular genre. While many dramas are well-received, some struggled to end in ways that satisfy audiences.

A side by side image features characters from the K-dramas Suspicious Partner, She Was Pretty, and Her Private Life 1
23 K-Dramas About Falling In Love With The Boss

K-dramas have a way of hooking in audiences with their dynamic storylines and these examples of the 'falling in love with the boss' formula are great.

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Characters from Crash Landing on You, Squid Game, and All of Us Are Dead 1
10 Best Korean Shows On Netflix

From worldwide hits like Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead to hidden gems from all genres, here are the best Korean shows on Netflix right now.

This shows characters from While You Were Sleeping and Radio Romance. 1
13 Best K-Drama Soundtracks, Ranked

Though most audiences look for strong storylines in shows, many K-dramas have phenomenal soundtracks that are worth listening to on repeat.

A side by side image features characters from K-drama thrillers Sweet Home, Mask Girl, and Nobody Knows 1
25 K-Drama Thrillers That Will Have You Hooked

K-Drama thrillers have a reputation for being much wilder than their US cousins, but these unpredictable shows will have you hooked from episode 1.

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Side by side images depict characters from the Korean time travel dramas Tunnel, Mr. Queen, and Splash Splash Love 1
The 20 Best Time Travel K-Dramas, Ranked

Time travel is a common trope used in K-dramas to solve mysteries, add intrigue and propel love stories. Here are the best time travel K-dramas.

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