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About Abigail Hubbard

Abigail is a freelance writer with a literature degree. She utilizes her knowledge of literature and storytelling to break down the films and TV shows she enjoys. She is a lover of K-Dramas and anything that will make her laugh. She is an avid sports fan and watches diligently, even when her teams lose. 

Author Details

Abigail is a freelance writer with a literature degree. She utilizes her knowledge of literature and storytelling to break down the films and TV shows she enjoys. She is a lover of K-Dramas and anything that will make her laugh. She is an avid sports fan and watches diligently, even when her teams lose. 

Industry Focus

Abigail's main focuses are on the genres of fantasy and K-Dramas. She grew up reading fantasy novels and that love transitioned over into film and TV. She got into K-Dramas a few years ago and enjoys watching crime-thrillers and horror. 

Favorite Media

Abigail's favorite TV show is the Korean drama, Beyond Evil. Her favorite movie is Clue and favorite book is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. 

Latest Articles

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Many martial arts icons launched their movie careers by playing villains, and some stayed in those roles, while others moved on to heroes.

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With shows like Yellowstone and Lawman: Bass Reeves popularizing TV Westerns again, it's worth looking back at the classic shows that still hold up.

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12 Best Enemies-To-Lovers K-Dramas

A number of great K-dramas employ a romantic theme that calls for the two lead characters to go from hating each other to falling in love.

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The opening scenes of movies can be deceptive, and sometimes they trick viewers into thinking a film will be so much better than it really is.

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15 Movies That Were Nothing Like Their Books

Some movies that were adapted from books went through changes that made them detached from the original source material, for better or for worse.

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10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

With the second season of Sweet Home fully aired, viewers don't need to look far to find new shows to watch that involve monsters and demons.

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10 Most Chilling & Menacing Villains in K-Drama Thrillers

There are several great K-drama thrillers, many of which are defined by amazing villains that steal the show every time they’re on screen.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme's movies have some great fight scenes and the longtime dancer and martial artist's skills are on full display in his best ones.

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The new Garfield movie, which is coming out in 2024, has the opportunity to include some of the funniest running gags from the original comics.

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10 Western Movies That Reinvented The 120-Year-Old Genre

Western movies have been around for over a century, but the genre is being reinvented lately by films that are expanding on the Old West tropes.

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10 Movie Character Deaths That Were Better In The Book

Some movies that were adapted from books came with changes to character deaths that don't work as well as their novel counterparts do.

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10 Best Magic Systems In Fantasy TV Shows, Ranked

From His Dark Materials to The Witcher, magic systems are an essential part of almost every fantasy story, and some TV shows got it right.

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