• Reacher season 2 is a huge hit for Prime Video, becoming the No. 1 title of the year in terms of total viewers globally.
  • The first three episodes surpassed the entire audience for season 1 by 50% in just three days on the platform.
  • The action drama based on Lee Child's books has broken records and is off to a roaring start.

Reacher season 2 is already a big hit for Prime Video, breaking records in just days. The action drama based on Lee Child's books officially returned for a second installment on December 15, introducing Alan Ritchson's titular hero to a new mystery and surrounding him with familiar faces from his past. Even though it's only just arrived, Reacher has already made a significant impact.

Deadline reports that Reacher season 2 is off to a roaring start, becoming the No. 1 title of the year for Prime Video in terms of total viewers across all series and films globally. The first three Reacher episodes, which were released on December 15, surpassed the entire audience for season 1 by 50% in the first three days on the streamer.

Alan Ritchson's Jack Reacher reading a document in Reacher

It is evident that Reacher has evidently received a positive reception from critics and audiences alike. The first installment sits at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 7.30 out of 10. The adaptation has been praised for delivering action thrills and exceeding expectations by knowing it's a pulpy and heightened saga while operating deftly within those parameters. The show's new episodes continue that trend, sitting at a perfect 100% based on 31 reviews. Although the Tomatometer is known to have a flawed metric, the more specific breakdown points to the adaptation's acclaim; the average score from all critics adds up to an 8.30 out of 10.

As for its wider audience appeal, Reacher fits comfortably into a specific subgenre that's affectionately known as dad shows. Reacher is an aspirational protagonist, and outside a few moments sprinkled throughout the series, Ritchson's character is nearly always righteous. He always knows what to say and is, generally, the envy of every man he comes across. There's an element of wish fulfillment, and the series is aware of it. It takes itself seriously without getting into the realm of self-seriousness, the way that other action dramas have. As a result of the success and reception, Reacher was already renewed for season 3 ahead of the season 2 premiere.

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There may be time for Reacher to tweak its established conventions, getting darker and more seriously interrogating the person at the center of the story. But, for now, it's blown up on Prime Video because of its light touch and charismatic lead. It will be interesting to see what it means for the show moving forward, especially since the adaptation is essentially an adaptation that offers new characters and a new setting every season.

Source: Deadline


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