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About Abdullah Al-Ghamdi

Abdullah Al-Ghamdi joined Screen Rant in 2019. Mainly focusing on television news and features, he's always bemoaning that there's too much TV to catch up on with not enough time. You can contact him at:

Industry Focus

His work has been cited on TV Insider and Buzzfeed. During his time with ScreenRant, he's written extensively about shows like Atlanta, Better Call Saul, Cobra Kai, Teen Wolf, The OC, and The Conners, among many others across both streaming and broadcast television, in addition to focusing on actors such as Dylan O'Brien and Tom Holland.

Favorite Media

His all-time favorites include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, especially those first five seasons, Breaking Bad, and Succession — though he wonders if it's too early to make that call. He's also, despite his best attempts, a lifelong fan of professional wrestling.

Latest Articles

A blended photo of Apple TV+ shows 1
Apple TV+'s Top Shows Revealed By New Data (Which Ones Could Be Renewed)

Apple TV+ has been on a hot streak with new data offering some insight on which sci-fi dramas and starry limited series could get renewed.

All the characters from Feud Capote vs The Swans making interesting faces in new trailer 1
FEUD: Capote vs. the Swans Trailer - Ryan Murphy Show Returns With Sultry Tease

Feud season 2 gets a sultry and scandalous teaser trailer, highlighting the cast and previewing the show’s return and all the drama to come.

Ashley Thomas as Henry Emory smiling with a lady looking at him in THEM 1
Them (2021)
Prime Video's Divisive Horror Show Gets A Season 2 Release Year Confirmed

Prime Video's vivid and divisive horror show, THEM, gets a season 2 release year confirmed in a new highlight reel after a two-year absence.

Alien holds Linda Hamilton's General Eleanor McCallister by the throat in Resident Alien season 2 episode 15 1
Resident Alien (2021)
Resident Alien Season 3 Release Window Gets Clearer (& Closer) In New Update

Resident Alien season 3 gets closer than ever, as a new update establishes a narrower release window for the Alan Tudyk-led sci-fi comedy.

Two characters standing next to each other in School Spirits season 1, episode 7 1
School Spirits (2023)
School Spirits Season 2 Update Hints At Potential Aftermath Following Season 1's Cliffhanger Ending

A new School Spirits season 2 update from actor Milo Manheim points to where the show could be heading after that big cliffhanger ending.

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher Sitting in a Diner in Reacher Season 2 1
Reacher (2022)
Reacher Season 2 Has Already Broken A Major Record In Just Days

Reacher season 2 is already a big hit for Prime Video, breaking records in just days and confidently climbing to an unbelievable milestone.

Maggie, Omar and two other agents walking and looking upset in FBI 1
FBI (2018)
FBI Season 6 Images Reveals The Team Super-Focused On Their Next Devastating Case

New images from FBI season 6 highlight the team working hard on a devastating case while also previewing some of the franchise changes ahead.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey talking to someone facing away from the camera in Wolf Pack season 1 1
Wolf Pack (2023)
Wolf Pack Season 2 Gets Ambiguous Update Nearly One Year After Premiere

Wolf Pack season 2 receives a new update almost a year after its debut episode, as the Paramount Plus supernatural drama has yet to be renewed.

Jackie (Nikki Rodriguez) looking upset in My Life with The Walter Boys season 1, episode 7  1
My Life with the Walter Boys (2023)
My Life With The Walter Boys Season 2 Renewed At Netflix, Showrunner Explains Future Despite No Sequel Book

My Life with the Walter Boys season 2 has been confirmed at Netflix, with the showrunner discussing what the story could be without a sequel book.

A photo from Night Court season 2 of two characters holding cocktails 1
Night Court (2023)
Night Court Getting Christmas Special On NBC Ahead Of Season 2 Release

Night Court confirms a premiere date for its Christmas special on NBC, revealing an unexpected cameo, ahead of the official season 2 return. 

Noah Centineo in The Recruit season 1, episode 4 1
The Recruit (2022)
The Recruit Season 2 Reveals First Story Details Following Season 1 Cliffhanger

The Recruit season 2 reveals its first story detail and new casting, which follows up on the Netflix show's season 1 cliffhanger ending.

Custom image of Nan all dressed up at a party and Nan and her friends lined up for her wedding in The Buccaneers finale 1
The Buccaneers (2023)
The Buccaneers Season 2 Renewed At AppleTV+

Apple TV+ offers a speedy season 2 renewal for The Buccaneers, confirming the romantic dramedy’s fate after an eventful season 1 closing episode.

Aster looking up at something and sitting next to a sleeping Halan in Beason 23 1
Beacon 23 (2023)
Beacon 23 Season 2 Will Further Explore AI & Different Cultures, Teases Showrunner

Beacon 23 showrunner Glenn Mazzara reveals season 2 plans, sharing that the sci-fi drama adaptation will further explore A.I. and other cultures.

Emma Corrin as Darby looking at something in A Murder At The End of The World finale 1
A Murder At The End Of The World (2023)
A Murder At The End Of The World Ending & Killer Reveal Explained By Creators & Star

A Murder at the End of the World actor Emma Corrin and co-creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij thoughtfully explain the finale reveal and ending.

Remy with FBI agents behind him in Most Wanted season 4 1
FBI (2018)
FBI Star Joins Most Wanted Cast In First Season 5 Images

New images from FBI: Most Wanted season 5 reveal the familiar addition to the cast, marking the latest change for the overall CBS franchise.

Rick_and_Morty_season_7_finale_Exclusive_header 1
Rick and Morty (2013)
How Rick & Morty Season 7's Ending Will Affect Future Canon Teased By Producer

Exclusive: Rick and Morty producer Steve Levy teases how the shocking season 7 finale will affect the future canon of the Adult Swim show.

Custom image of Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher and Alan Ritchson looking down in Reacher season 2 1
Reacher (2022)
Alan Ritchson Finally Delivers Message To Fellow Reacher Star Tom Cruise (After It Didn't Go Well The First Time)

Reacher’s Alan Ritchson shares a funny story about reaching out to Tom Cruise and finally delivering his message after the first try didn’t go well.

Frank, Marie, Ray, Debra, Robert, and Amy in an Everybody Loves Raymond promo photo smiling and embracing each other 1
Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)
Everybody Loves Raymond Reboot Chances Get Blunt Response From Ray Romano Following Frasier & Night Court Success

Ray Romano bluntly addresses the possibility of reviving Everybody Loves Raymond, following the trend of recent sitcoms that were resurrected.

Jay Hernandez looking at someone while in a suit in Magnum PI 1
Magnum Pi (1980)
Magnum P.I. Series Finale Release Date Revealed

The series finale date of Magnum P.I. has been revealed by NBC, bringing an end to the popular drama after five seasons and over 90 episodes.

Max Thieriot as Bode Leone in Fire Country season 1 episode 21 1
Fire Country (2022)
Fire Country Season 2 Will Introduce Lead Character Of New Spinoff

Fire Country season 2 hopes to introduce the lead character of a potential spinoff as franchise plans begin to take shape for the popular CBS drama.

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