Foundation (2021)

Isaac Asimov's novel series is brought to life in Foundation, a television adaptation of the epic sci-fi saga created for Apple TV+ but deviates somewhat from the original source material. The show follows a group of exiled humans that find themselves as the last chance to save the Galactic Empire - from itself. 

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Jared Harris , Leah Harvey , Lou Llobell , Lee Pace
Release Date
September 24, 2021
Isaac Asimov
Rupert Sanders
David S. Goyer
Story By
Isaac Asimov


Two Spacers from Foundation 1
Foundation's Spacers Explained: What They Are & Why The Empire Needs Them

Foundation's Spacers are a key part of the show’s worldbuilding, from their role in Empire’s space travel technology to their ultimate betrayal.

Lee Pace as Brother Day from Foundation and a golden robot in Bicentennial Man 1
One Failed Isaac Asimov’s Adaptation Needs A Remake (But Not As A Movie)

There is one Isaac Asimov adaptation in particular that needs revisiting, but a movie may not be the best format for it to reach its potential.

Foundation season 3 cast 1
Foundation Season 3: Confirmation, Cast, Story & Everything We Know

Foundation season 3 is rumored to have already started production, and here is what is known, from its cast and story to a possible release window.

Brother Dusk, Brother Day, and Brother Dawn in Foundation season 2 1
Foundation Season 3 Needs To Answer 1 Huge Cleon Mystery Season 2 Ignored

Foundation season 2 ignored a major Cleon reveal, and the already confirmed Foundation season 3 needs to provide answers regarding this major twist.

Lee Pace smiling as Brother Day in Foundation. 1
Foundation Season 3 Renewed At AppleTV+

Foundation season 3 has been confirmed at Apple TV+, the series based on Isaac Asimov's books will continue for another batch of episodes.

Powerful Characters In Foundation 1
8 Foundation Characters, Ranked By How Powerful They Will Be In Season 3

The struggle for power is shared by many characters in Foundation. From Hari Seldon to Lady Demerzel, however, the type of power they hold varies.

Jared Harris and Isaac Asimov Foundation Book 1
Foundation: All Major Changes The Show Makes To Isaac Asimov's Books

David Goyer's Foundation TV series brings Isaac Asimov's works to life on Apple TV+ - but it makes quite considerable changes along the way.

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Lee Pace smiling as Brother Day in Foundation. 1
"He's Got An Ego": How Cleon Defies Protocol Training In Foundation Season 2

Foundation star Lee Pace talks about why Cleon defies his protocol training in season 2, shedding light on the buzzy Apple TV+ sci-fi drama.

Characters from 3 Isaac Asimov adaptations 1
Every Isaac Asimov Movie & TV Adaptation Ranked (Including Foundation)

Adaptations of Isaac Asimov's work vary greatly in quality, from modern series like Foundation to films like I, Robot and Bicentennial Man.

Lou Llobell as Gaal in Foundation. 1
Foundation Season 2: Why Gaal’s Vision Was Wrong Explained By Showrunner

Showrunner David S. Goyer explains why Gaal’s vision was wrong in Foundation season 2, teasing the dilemma it sets up for the main characters.

Mikael Persbrandt as the Mule in Foundation. 1
"He Is Super Scary": Foundation Season 3 Teases The Impact Of The Mule

David S. Goyer, showrunner of the Apple TV Plus show Foundation, teases how the Mule will impact season 3 of the hit science-fiction story.

Lou Llobell looking surprised as Gaal in Foundation . 1
How Salvor's Death Sets Up A Major Dilemma For Gaal In Foundation Season 3

Showrunner David S. Goyer explains how Salvor’s death in the shocking Foundation season 2 finale sets up a major dilemma for Gaal in season 3.

Foundation season 1 and 2 art book Exclusive header 1
Foundation Season 1 & 2 Art Book Excerpt Highlights Salvor's Desert Costume & Airship [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant presents exclusive excerpt images from Foundation: The Making of Seasons 1 and 2 art book highlighting Salvor's desert costume & airship.

Lee Pace as Cleon and Hari with Gaal in Foundation season 2 1
“Not My Father’s Strong Suit”: Foundation Author’s Daughter Says Show Does 1 Thing Better Than Her Dad’s Books

Robyn Asimov, the daughter of Foundation author Isaac Asimov, candidly discusses the one thing the show does better than the seminal sci-fi books.

Foundation Show Cast 1
Foundation Cast & Character Guide: Where Else To See The Stars Of The AppleTV+ Sci-Fi

David Goyer's Foundation brings Isaac Asimov's classic sci-fi series to life - here's your guide to all the actors who have joined the show.

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Three characters from Foundation 1
10 Biggest Changes Foundation Season 2 Makes To The Isaac Asimov Novels

The Foundation series has taken a number of creative liberties in its storytelling. These are some of the main book differences in season 2.

Laura Birn with tears in her eyes as Demerzel in the Foundation season 2 finale. 1
“We Always Planned To Kill [SPOILER]”: Foundation Season 2’s Biggest Deaths Explained By Showrunner

Foundation series creator David S. Goyer sheds light on the biggest deaths in season 2, shedding light on why beloved characters were killed off.

foundation-season-3-story-theories-books 1
8 Wild Theories For What Happens in Foundation Season 3 (Based On The Asimov Books)

Foundation season 2’s ending left room for questions and theories for what comes next. Here are the biggest theories for Foundation season 3.

Jared Harris as Hari Seldon in Foundation 1
Foundation Season 3 Time Jump Confirmed, Creator Explains How Show Will Work In 150-Year Leap

Foundation season 3's time jump has been confirmed by creator David S. Goyer, who explains how the sci-fi show will work after a 150-year leap.

Demerzel and the Prime Radiant in Foundation 1
How Demerzel Has The Prime Radiant & What It Means For Foundation Season 3

Here’s how Lady Demerzel got the Prime Radiant in Foundation season 2, episode 10, and what this means for the true “Empire” in Foundation season 3.

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