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Harley and the Council of Quinn DC 1
“Across the Clowniverse”: The Harley Quinn Multiverse Collides in Spectacularly Meta Art

Harley Quinn pulls herself together in an amazing cover that sees her team up with an army of her variants for an epic multiversal fight.

Harley Quinn Black + White + Redder Featured DC 1
DC Finally Admits It Doesn't Know What It's Doing with Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn might be outrageously popular, but she’s taking a pause to ask herself what is is that truly defines her in the DC Universe.

Harley Quinn, Joker and Scarecrow 1
Batman 89's Harley Quinn Will Be Corrupted by Scarecrow, Not Joker - Theory Explained

With the Joker dead in the Burtonverse, theories abound sbouy who will corrupt Harley Quinn to villainy, and all signs are pointing to the Scarecrow.

Superman holding gifts featured on Dc's 'Twas the Mite Before Christmas #1 Variant Cover 1
Twas the Mite Before Christmas #1 Shows Why DC's Holiday Comics Are Appointment Reading (Review)

Mischief, mayhem, and mites unite in a can't-miss DC Christmas special featuring fan favorites like Superman, Harley Quinn, and John Constantine.

Harley Quinn from Gotham City Garage sitting astride motorcycle.  1
Harley Quinn Cosplay Brings Back Iconic Gotham City Garage Costume

Harley Quinn enthusiasts rejoice as a dedicated cosplayer pays homage to the past with a stunning revival of the Gotham City Garage costume.

Composite image of comic book art: a blonde woman (Harley Quinn) with white face paint and a black square over her eye, and a different version of Harley with long blonde pigtails who's pixelated and monster-like. 1
Harley Quinn's AI Redesign Is the Creepiest She's Looked in Years

As Harley Quinn's multiversal misadventures continue, DC unveils a monstrous AI version of the anti-hero — and she's absolutely terrifying.

Margot Robbie as Harleen Quinzel and Harley Quinn in the DCEU 1
Harley Quinn’s Complete DCEU Timeline Explained

Margot Robbie debuted as the DCEU's Harley Quinn in 2016's Suicide Squad, and she has since then become one of the franchise's most loved characters.

Custom image of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn with a wistful look and screaming in The Suicide Squad. 1
Margot Robbie's DC Future As Harley Quinn Hangs In The Balance, Here's What We Know

The new DCU has already confirmed the returns of DCEU actors in announced projects, but what does the future hold for Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn?

Featured Image: cropped version of classic Marilyn Monroe photo (left); Harley Quinn (right) 1
Harley Quinn Is an Evil Marilyn Monroe in Jaw-Dropping Femme Fatale Redesign

Beautiful new cover artwork by Jenny Frison has given Harley Quinn a Marilyn Monroe-inspired femme fatale look, and it's absolutely breathtaking.

Harley Quinn Folk Horror Redesign 1
"Champion of Vengeance": Harley Quinn Is DC's Scariest Hero in New Folk Horror Redesign

Harley Quinn has just received her most fearsome makeover to date, becoming a powerful spirit in a folk horror redesign.

joker medieval 1
Joker's Folk Horror Redesign Somehow Makes Him Even Creepier

As Joker and Harley Quinn's 'love story' is reimagined as a supernatural horror, the pair get a medieval redesign for the creepy tale.

Batboat King Shark-1 1
"I Cannot Believe That Worked": DC's Grossest Mode of Transportation Is Way Stealthier than the Bat-Boat

Batman may have some of the stealthiest vehicles around, but Harley Quinn's gross new form of transportation just did what even the Bat-Boat couldn't.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy side by side 1
Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Swap Costumes For Halloween In Official DC Art

In a wickedly playful twist, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy trade their iconic costumes for a Halloween rendezvous in an official DC art unveiling.

Harley Quinn as OMAC DC 1
Harley Quinn Transforms into DC's Creepiest Villain in Official Cover Art

Sweeney Boo's upcoming cover for Harley Quinn #36 gives Harley a disturbing makeover by turning her into the classic DC antagonist O.M.A.C.

harley quinn conan 1
Harley Quinn Becomes DC's Conan the Barbarian in Movie-Ready Official Art

Harley Quinn becomes DC's Conan the Barbarian in official cover art, catapulting the Gotham Siren into an epic new dimension of chaos and mayhem.

Harley Quinn Costume History in Movies and Comics 1
Harley Quinn's Complete Costume History in DC Comics

Beginning with just a harlequin jumpsuit, Harley Quinn has progressed into a fashion-forward character in DC Comics, with many iconic costumes.

Harley Quinn and Lux Kirby 1
Harley Quinn's New Ally Makes Batman's "World's Greatest Detective" Status Seem Pathetic

Harley Quinn #33 introduces a multiversal P.I. named Lux Kirby, who seriously threatens Batman's standing as the World's Greatest Detective.

poison ivy and harley quinn are laying in a field of daisies 1
DC May Have Permanently Broken Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy's Romance

DC may have irreversibly fractured the once-unbreakable bond between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by adding a shocking twist to their relationship.

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn 1
What's Going On With Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn?

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is not yet confirmed to be joining James Gunn's DCU. Will she survive the imminent soft reboot?

Harley and Ivy 1
Revolution Beauty Launches Makeup Line Inspired by Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

Revolution Beauty London's latest makeup collaboration with DC Comics is inspired by Gotham's more criminal dynamic duo, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

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