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Author Details

Justin's been collecting comics since the early '00s and has several thousand floppies to his name, as well as dozens of trades and graphic novels.. He's also an avid collector of rare and hard-to-find zines, as well as other obscure media. Justin is currently living in North Carolina with his partner.

Industry Focus

As a Senior writer for the comic book team, Justin Epps' primary focus for mini features, reviews, and lists center around the DC Universe and its characters such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Justin Epps also writes on new and developing comic book stories for publishers such Archie, Dark Horse, Image, and others.

Favorite Media

Justin Epps' favorite DC Comics run is Grant Morrison's legendary Bat-Epic. In fact, Justin's a huge fan of nearly everything Morrison has written from their epic runs on Doom Patrol and Animal Man to their modern Superman classic, All-Star Superman, as well as Morrison's original work like The Invisibles and The Filth.

Latest Articles

Harley and the Council of Quinn DC 1
“Across the Clowniverse”: The Harley Quinn Multiverse Collides in Spectacularly Meta Art

Harley Quinn pulls herself together in an amazing cover that sees her team up with an army of her variants for an epic multiversal fight.

Wonder Woman and Doctor Psycho Featured DC 1
DC Is Finally Done Treating Wonder Woman's Scariest Villain as a Joke

Amanda Waller plots to take out Wonder Woman using her greatest foes and reaffirms just how dangerous the villain Doctor Psycho really is.

Homelander vs. Mark Invincible 1
"Invincible Would Definitely Have a Hard Time": Invincible's Co-Creator Was Surprisingly Fair About His Chance of Beating Homelander

Invincible writer Robert Kirkman weighs in on the debate of who would win in a fight between Mark Grayson and Homelander and has a surprising answer.

Batman Dark Age Multiple Batmen Allred Featured 1
BATMAN: DARK AGE to Redefine the Dark Knight’s Role as a Cultural Icon

DC has revealed Batman: Dark Age, a spin-off of Superman: Space Age that digs into the beloved hero and examines how he’s been shaped by culture.

Superman Boy Thunder and Magog DC 1
Superman's Corrupted Sidekick Has Officially Become His Greatest Failure

Fate comes full circle as Superman’s former sidekick Boy Thunder becomes the dark hero Magog, a failure the Man of Tomorrow may never get over.

Nightwing and Apex Ava DC 1
Nightwing's New Villain APEX AVA Is a Deadly New Take on a Titans Power Set

Nightwing’s newest enemy Apex Ava officially debuts in the DC Universe, and her powers may make her one of “Beast World’s” most dangerous villains.

Wallace West Kid Flash DC 1
"Flash Pulse": Flash’s Sidekick Debuts a Game-Changing New Move

Flash’s sidekick Kid Flash pioneers a new life-saving technique that could help the DC Universe’s heroes put an end to "Beast World's" madness.

batman gargoyle of gotham killer moth redesign 1
Gotham's New Villain Is a Terrifying Reimagining of an Underrated Killer

An unsettling new villain comes to Gotham that vastly improves a motif popularized by one Batman rogue. Witness the debut of the creepy foe, Moth-er!

Jason Todd and Batman Death in the Family DC 1
After 35 Years, DC Finally Confirms Robin's Fate If Jason Todd Had Lived

When Robin died, it was the end of Jason Todd’s hero career. But an alternate look at history reveals what his fate could have looked like.

Harley Quinn Black + White + Redder Featured DC 1
DC Finally Admits It Doesn't Know What It's Doing with Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn might be outrageously popular, but she’s taking a pause to ask herself what is is that truly defines her in the DC Universe.

Superman and Other Kryptonians DC 1
"So Irresponsible": Superman Admits He HATES 1 Heroic Kryptonian

A trip through the multiverse brings Superman to a familiar Earth with a surprising variant that makes the Prime Man of Steel absolutely furious.

Batman Gargoyle of Gotham Animation Cel DC 1
Batman Battles Twisted New Villains in Animated Fight Trailer for Gargoyle of Gotham

DC Comics goes all out in promoting Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham with a new trailer that animates a fight scene between Bruce and his new rogues.

Green Lantern John Stewart and Power Ring Featured DC 1
Soul Trek: Green Lantern Officially Names His Psychedelic New Healing Power

Time is of the essence for Green Lantern and when he needs to purge himself of a dangerous corruption, John Stewart embarks on his first ‘soul trek’.

flash multiversal powers 1
Flash's Experimental New Status Quo Shines in Trippy Official Art

James Stokoe’s variant cover for the upcoming Flash #6 perfectly captures the strange cosmic journey Wally West is undergoing in his current run.

Red Hood Looking on Ominously DC 1
Red Hood Becomes DC's Most Tragic Hero in Just 5 Words

As Red Hood transforms into an animal with the rest of the DC Universe, he looks back on his past with a shocking thought about his infamous death.

Amanda Waller Peacemaker and Lex Luthor in Beast World DC 1
"The Bureau of Sovereignty": The Suicide Squad Is Evolving Like Never Before

As chaos reigns in the DCU, the Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller is on the precipice of getting the power she needs to see her sinister agenda through.

Green Lantern in Pain DC 1
Green Lantern Finally Fixes a Major Fan Criticism of His Powers

When Green Lantern’s nemesis threatens to burn the Earth, Hal Jordan whips up a construct that saves the day and proves his critics wrong.

Invincible Mark with Viltrumites and Mustaches 1
Invincible: Why Viltrumites Have Mustaches But Mark Doesn't (& Won't)

Nearly every Viltrumite in Invincible sports a mustache except for Mark. The hero reveals the meaning of the mustaches and why he doesn’t want one.

Superman and Black Adam Lion Form DC 1
Black Adam Just Officially Became DC's Deadliest Man Alive - & Superman Can't Stop Him

Black Adam has gotten his most terrifying and destructive upgrade ever and unfortunately for the DC Universe, Superman is powerless to stop him.

A team of young heroes spring into action from Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths  1
DC Officially Names the Titans' 2 Most Powerful Members

As “Beast World” rages on, two Titans are recognized for their strengths. But a new development in the unfolding chaos hints at the danger they’re in.

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