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10 Best Comedy Franchises, Ranked

The best comedy franchises are able to make audiences laugh long after they are first released, proving that they stand the test of time.

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Every Comedy Movie Releasing In 2024

Comedy movies are having a resurgence in 2024 with promising titles set to release throughout the year, from original films to remakes and reboots.

The best sitcoms of all time. 1
The 50 Best Sitcoms Of All Time

Sitcoms are one of the most popular formats of TV shows, and the best sitcoms of all time showcase exactly why they continue to dominate.

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King of Queens, Friends, and Fresh Prince. 1
30 Best '90s Sitcoms Ranked

The 1990s were a golden age for sitcoms, and from Friends to Seinfeld to The Fresh Prince the best 90s sitcoms are among the best sitcoms.

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The 10 Most Iconic Leading Men In Comedy

A select few lead actors have transcended to comedy legend status, showcasing diverse talents from physical slapstick mastery to razor-sharp wit.

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10 Best House Party Movies, Ranked

Nothing screams comedy like reckless abandonment, and these 10 epic movies provide unexpectedly awesome thrills and gut-busting laughs.

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What Happened To Pauly Shore?

Pauly Shore was a famous and controversial figure in the 1990s, but he has since faded from the limelight; still, the actor-comedian has been busy.

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10 Underrated Coming of Age Comedy Movies

From Shakespeare re-imaginings to a forgotten John Hughes movie, these underrated coming of age comedies combine laughs and nostalgia perfectly.

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10 Best Long-Running Comedy Duos In Movies

Comedy duos are a staple of the genre. Some partnerships are so popular that they have produced a long list of comedy classics.

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10 Best Prank Movies, Ranked

Clever satire and outlandish public stunts provide gut-busting laughs and shocking portraits of human instinct in the 10 best prank movies ever made.

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10 Weirdest Comedy Movies For Those Who Like Their Comedy On The Strange Side

These 10 absurd, wildly creative, rule-breaking movies redefine funny, offering trippy plot lines, visual feasts, and surprising non-stop laughs.

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10 Best Comedy Movie Sequels, Ranked

Some great comedy movie sequels successfully maintain the essence of their predecessors while taking bold new risks, which is not very easy.

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10 Horror Comedies That Are More Comedy Than Horror

From Shaun of the Dead and What We Do In The Shadows to Totally Killer, some of the best horror comedy movies are more funny than scary.

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15 Best Comedy Movies Of All Time, Ranked

Humor is subjective but, from Airplane! to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, there are some comedy movies that everyone agrees are hilarious.

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10 Chaotic Comedy Movies That Entertain From Start To Finish

These comedy films are hilarious from beginning to end, with chaotic, over-the-top humor that's built to constantly make its audience laugh.

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10 Black Comedy Movies To Satisfy A Twisted Sense Of Humor

From war movies to gory horror stories to brutal social satires, the darkest, bleakest, and best black comedies come in many surprising varieties.

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23-Year-Old Poll Reveals Shocking Actor For Greatest Comedy Movie Star In History

According to the AFI's poll of the best comedies ever made, an unlikely star from Hollywood's Golden Age holds the title of greatest comedic actor.

25 Best Stand Up Specials on Netflix Tiffany Haddish Tom Segura Ali Wong 1
25 Best Stand-Up Specials On Netflix

Netflix has invested heavily in standup specials over the years. While most are good here's a list of the very best that Netflix has to offer.

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20 Best Parody Movies, Ranked

A great parody combines the familiar with the absurd, making for something truly hilarious and ranking them among the best.

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10 Modern Comedy Movies With Great Ensemble Casts

Large ensemble casts are a great way of elevating a comedy movie beyond its script, and some of the best modern examples are full of famous actors.

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